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Installation issues / I think its time i give up...
« on: May 12, 2007, 12:12:12 am »
Having worked out how to get the installer to start and work for linuxMCE and setting it up to start as a dedicated MCE (I dont really need all the functions, i only really need it to have a simple interface for the wife and kids to use to watch videos that are stored elsewhere in my house. Anyway back to the problem.... ) I restart at the first time im told to, and instead of restarting as MCE, it chucks me out to command prompt looking for me to log in, and telling me there is no resume image. I can use startx to get back into ubuntu and from there start the linuxMCE, but nothing happens, if i hit ctrl + alt + F11 i just get a blinking cursor on a black screen. To say the least having reinstalled both 3 times and having no luck im at my wits end

If it helps the system spec is as follows

Sempron 2600+
Nforce 6100 series MB C51G if memory serves
512Mb Ram
80Gb sata drive
the usual really, nothing special as its not there to do much, except stream media from my main PC

Any help here would be great, i've had to follow a lot of the guides already on these forums to get the installer working on ubuntu 7.04 etc (although i have no idea what im doing, just following a series of commands) I just need to get over the hump to get it working :)

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