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Users / Re: Last lmce-squeezeslave update give me an error
« on: October 17, 2014, 06:48:00 pm »
Yes I am also surprised that it does not work properly.

I tested a few parameters (-a 200 for example) but without success yet.

And it's not sync the problem, I have the same without it.

I'll keep looking.


What kind of sound card(s) are you using? Are they USB2? Onboard sound cards?

All the best


Marketplace / Dianemo Raspbmc-CEC Firmware
« on: October 14, 2014, 01:17:43 pm »
We've taken your feedback on-board regarding our original Dianemo Raspbmc-CEC firmware images and we have moved over to a new installer for Dianemo Raspbmc-CEC firmware. Now you just install Raspbmc on an SD card and then run the installer from the booted card to install - and that's it. Any customer who has an original firmware image and would like the new installer should contact me.

We have updated installation instructions for the new installer here;

If you have any questions related to Raspbmc-CEC then contact me here;



Users / Re: First look at the new Athena Orbiter iOS App
« on: October 12, 2014, 06:51:15 pm »
or record in the nude, that always gets lots of least, it worked for me.


I remember it well :-)...and great advice too!

Users / First look at the new Athena Orbiter iOS App
« on: October 10, 2014, 07:06:08 pm »
Here is a first look at our new Athena Orbiter App for iOS. We will also have an Android Athena App too as soon as we can get to it;

Anyway enjoy the video (it's a little improvised and rough around the edges). We'll hopefully post some more video over the weekend.



Developers / Re: Raspberry Pi Generic Serial Device
« on: October 02, 2014, 03:00:33 pm »
Thanks for the info on stopping the media. You are correct I don'the use the orbiter. The GSD device starts up fine. The only issue was I needed to install a new temp child device to get the RPI to download the needed software to run the devices previously created prior to the update. Then I deleted the temp device. Not a big issue.

I have a couple of relay controllers that I made that control irrigation out at the gardens and green house. They are built around MSP430G2553 micro controller. I have built a new version that has inputs that I am using out at the end of my driveway, which is 700' long, to monitor vehicle and pedestrian sensors. I wanted the ability to reset the power to the USB port if the device goes stupid, mostly due to a switch debounce problem. Having the serial port nicely mapped to the usb port is perfect to make a shell script that lmce can call if all else fails. I am now building an audio switcher. This will have 12 outputs that can choose up to 16 inputs. This way I can use any of my inputs to play throughout the whole house. This is almost done. I will need to work on the device template after the build is complete.

All these devices are cheap. If you or anyone is interested I can post the schematics and/or the pc board layouts. I do have some extra boards as well.


I'd be interested to hear more about what your doing with your MSP430G2553 based micro controller both in the garden setting and at the end of your drive. Both sound very interesting indeed.

All the best


Users / Re: Why Do Media Directors Exist?
« on: October 02, 2014, 11:27:42 am »
For non-Dianemo users, I think I am right in saying that no option exists for controlling a lightweight non-MD no-orbiter generic media device?

I think phenigma's work on the RPi MD looks exciting and I'm looking forward to trying it, but if there were an option to install some generic media software onto RPi, and control that via the standalone touch screen orbiters, that would be interesting as well.


Currently you are correct as far as i know. Phenigma's work on porting the full MD stack over to Rpi is seemingly the only option for lmce users currently (and I'm not implying its a bad option at all - by all accounts he's done incredible work).

In the future that may change. Whats missing in lmce today is all the Core side code to support upnp player devices. That's a fairly big chunk of code. Also our Raspbmc-CEC firmware image has Dianemo specific packages that implement the Dianemo CEC controller device, and those packages would need updating somewhat.

Basically what we have today in the Raspbmc-CEC firmware is something between an MD and a media player. Raspbmc does the media playback (and is 100% a standard build) and can be interacted with via upnp and via CEC. It plays that role very well indeed. The Dianemo-CEC packages, installed as part of the Raspbmc-CEC firmware, provide a Dianemo style device on the Rpi that allows the Core to interact with the local HDMI-CEC devices (principally your TV currently). So in the future we may add more Dianemo devices to the Rpi Raspbmc-CEC firmware that allow the Rpi to control/interact with other kinds of local hardware. In this way you can see that from a control perspective we will end up with something that delivers all of the local device control functionality that a full MD delivers. The functional part that is missing is the on-screen Orbiter UI and standard MD media playback functionality - that is replaced with xbmc. So principally what you loose is the ability to display the MD UI on the TV.

All the best


Marketplace / Dianemo Fall 2014 Offers - Please PM me to Purchase
« on: September 30, 2014, 01:23:31 pm »
We have some great new bundle deals on Dianemo Software Licenses (Current release is for Ubuntu 12.04LTS Desktop) and related software & services. These bundle deals give you big discounts over buying the individual licenses - Please PM me here if you want to purchase any of the offers below;
Note: all offers are available world wide to non commercial customers ie if your a pro-installer you DO NOT QUALIFY.

UPDATE - Get our entry level bundle for just $199 USD and if you order any bundle before the end of Oct you will automatically be included in our Athena Orbiter Beta test program (see the Athena section below for video demos...lookout for new videos weekly..hopefully!).

Several people have asked if they could get a 'group' discount when ordering multiple license bundles? The answer is yes we would offer a 15% discount if the order is for 4 or more licenses (all paid for via single Paypal account).

PM me if you have any questions or would like to place an order. Thanks - UPDATE

License Bundle 1 - This bundle include 1x Dianemo Software License & 1x Dianemo Raspbmc-CEC license for the Rpi for an incredible $199 USD (a special deal - it's normally $299). We'll also offer you early access to the Athena Orbiter/UI beta program if you purchase before the end of Oct (see below for video demos). This is a great starter bundle for anyone wanting to build a truly low energy Smart home with the low cost/Low energy Rpi as their media player or anyone just experimenting before deciding on their final setup. More Dianemo Raspbmc-CEC licenses can be added at any time (see our Raspbmc-CEC license bundles below). All Dianemo licenses include free updates and upgrades to 14.04LTS (when available) and are infinitely expandable without limitation to cater for your future needs.

License Bundle 2 - This bundle include 1x Dianemo Software License & 4x Dianemo Raspbmc-CEC license for the Rpi for $399 USD (a $300 savings over our standard prices). We'll also offer you early access to the Athena Orbiter/UI beta program if you purchase before the end of Oct (see below for video demos). This is a great value bundle for anyone wanting to build their own mid-sized, 4 media zone low energy Smart home. More Dianemo Raspbmc-CEC licenses can be added at any time (or any other kind of device). All Dianemo licenses include free updates and upgrades to 14.04LTS (when available) and are infinitely expandable without limitation to cater for your future needs.

License & Config Bundle 3 - This bundle include 1x Dianemo Software License & 2x hours of remote configuration by us to get your basic system configuration in place for $299 USD (a $250 savings over our standard prices). We'll also offer you early access to the Athena Orbiter/UI beta program if you purchase before the end of Oct (see below for video demos). All Dianemo licenses include free updates and upgrades to 14.04LTS (when available) and are infinitely expandable without limitation to cater for your future needs.

License Bundle 4 - If you already have a Dianemo system you can purchase the Dianemo Raspbmc-CEC Upnp Media Player Software separately starting at just $59.95 for a single license Turns a Rpi into a full blown Upnp media player & CEC controller. We have our own CEC control package and have integrated that with Raspbmc. This allows you to run your Dianemo system without MD's. Works with most recent HDMI equipped TV's. Allows you to get 'SmartTV' type features without needing to purchase a new SmartTV. Image installs on an SD card. Boots into Raspbmc on Rpi & requires just a few simple config changes in Web Admin on your Dianemo NC. **Note: If you have already purchased a license and would like the new installer instead of the original SD card image then please contact me and I will make it available to you**

System Design or Configuration  - If your planning to install Dianemo in your home and would like some help with the planning of your installation then please get in touch. Alternatively if you'd like some help configuring your system in anyway then we can help you by using Remote Assistance. For either of these services or if you have a question regarding Dianemo please get in touch via PM here or email

The all new Athena Orbiter UI - coming as an update to all Dianemo systems in Dec 2014
You can see our new Athena Orbiter in action here;

and also our latest updates here;

...and a first video of the new Athena iOS App;

All Offers must be paid for by Paypal (no other payments accepted).

All the best


Users / Re: Why Do Media Directors Exist?
« on: September 30, 2014, 01:09:16 pm »
Thats what's great about lmce to me....options.....I had ui2 and I used the ui2 to "wow" people.  But I also used the gyration remote without using it as a air mouse and thanks to (i think was) tom who worked on it, its functionality was similar to a normal ir entertainment center remote. The ability to  press one button, bring up mythtv and flip through channels using the channel change buttons, then as company walked in bring up that floorplan while watching the game is great.  Then other times I used my phone/tablet. The least convenient in my opinion was using my phone/tablet,  but like I say,  with a md you have options. Just my 2 cents. It sounds as though Dianemo will not have the option to implement a rpi as a full md?

Well never say never re MD's but I can't see us doing an Rpi MD ourselves - there's nothing to stop anyone choosing to back port the lmce Rpi MD though (at least in principal). We do have the Dianemo Raspbmc-CEC software though that does almost everything a full MD can do apart from run UI2 + Overlay.

All the best


Users / Re: Why Do Media Directors Exist?
« on: September 29, 2014, 06:11:57 pm »
I understand the 'wow' factor that UI2 + Overlay has. But it also has, in a significant number of cases, the opposite reaction from family members. We used to use UI2 + Overlay as our standard config on MD's and we stopped doing that because for many people it looked dated and was a challenge to use with a gyration style remote too. It's one of those features that looks great in a demo when someone see's it used briefly as it delivers a lot of eye-candy - but in real use its actually not that friendly to navigate or use (we have plenty of user feedback on that!).

Secondly it proved to be the single most frustrating setup area for both installers & for software customers. getting reliable installs on MD's using UI2 + overlay was always a challenge and very often tripped people up. Using a SmartTV, a Rpi based media player or a commercial media player presents a much less challenging UI as it aligns more closely with how other devices work, and for most people seems more familiar to them in use. I'm certainly not holding up SmartTV's or even Raspbmc as having the best UI in the world, but in general they seem to be easier for most casual users to handle.

One last thing, obviously running a full MD/Orbiter on a Rpi is now possible. But you still have all the complexity of the MD/Orbiter code base to deal with and fighting X etc when configuring the MD. Our experience of that with large numbers of systems, and even larger overall numbers of MD's, is that you can expect a high failure rate of those MD's from software issues. Combine that with major energy savings and you have a big reason to not use MD's (obviously if your using Rpi hardware energy use is not a factor either way of course).

All the best


Users / Re: Android mobile/cell phone orbiter selection & help
« on: September 27, 2014, 09:35:42 am »
i just meant due to asking to many questions about the vpn

Sure. Remote access on Dianemo doesn't require a VPN though.

Marketplace / New Athena Orbiter & UI Layer - Media Playback
« on: September 26, 2014, 05:04:56 pm »
Just in time for your weekend enjoyment we've posted another demo video of the Athena UI in action. This time my co-worker Steve is demoing our newly added support for video media browsing & playback controls. This time we're also demonstrating the fact that the Athena Orbiter can be accessed from any modern web browser by doing the demo on a MacBook in Safari.

We'll be uploading more videos in the next few weeks as we implement more of the Athena UI. If you have any questions about the Athena UI or any other aspect of Dianemo please post them hear.

All the best


Marketplace / New Athena Orbiter & UI Layer Screenshots
« on: September 24, 2014, 03:35:32 pm »
I've posted a few new images of ongoing Athena UI Skin development to our Facebook page. In the past I've posted images like these here directly, but this time I'm testing just posting a link to the Facebook post instead (feedback welcomed on this);

In the new screenshots you will see we've added new icons for Lighting & Climate at the far right-hand end of the icon bar. The second image shows a 'work in-progress' screenshot of the lighting screen complete with dynamic sliders for dimming lights. I'll be posting more of these in the coming weeks as things develop.

As ever if you have any questions about Dianemo or Athena please post them here and i will do my best to answer them.

All the best


Users / Re: Android mobile/cell phone orbiter selection & help
« on: September 24, 2014, 02:42:04 pm »
I am trying to get an orbiter working on my cell for outside my network but while i'm at home as well.  I want to have access while at work or out of state.  I have messed with all versions a little but cannot get outside to work.  I really like the UI of web orbiter.  Don't really like the Qorbiter UI.  Is it better to add orbiter on admin page and set up then install to phone or other way around?  I have a pic view of my firewall rules.  Does it matter if i select qorbiter or generic proxy orbiter to add since its going on my cell phone?  I have the galaxy s3.  Huge thanks in advance for any reply's.

This response is a little off track but bare with me - first some background on how we provide remote access in Dianemo; Currently Dianemo only has an 'official' iOS Orbiter App. This is a native iOS App written in Objective-C. Our iOS App does support both access to Dianemo inside your home and a secure access when you are away from home (as long as you have an internet connection). Remotely our iOS Orbiter, or a Web Orbiter running in a browser, can connect back to your Dianemo system home securely using our Remote Access service whereby your Orbiter connects to Cloud based Remote Access service and this provides a secure connection back to your Dianemo system at home.

But of course you want a solution that works on an Android device not iOS. In late December this year we will release an update that contains our new Athena Orbiter UI layer. See here for a video demo of the Athena Orbiter running on an iPad and demonstrating one of our prototype HTML5 UI skins;

Our Athena Orbiter is written in HTML5 and will run in any modern HTML5 compliant browser on any OS - so Android will be supported day one. We will also have an updated iOS App and a new Android App that will implement our new Athena code too at that time. Athena will also support our Remote Access Cloud service mentioned above. When Athena is released we will also provide several example HTML5 based UI skins that will be fully documented so that if you wanted too you could modify or duplicate a skin and use it as a starting point for your own fully customised Orbiter UI design. You would need to understand some HTML5 to make changes but thats all - you would not need to understand in dept the rest of the system to make changes to the UI.

None of this will initially apply to LinuxMCE but late next year some of the full Athena UI layer may be made available in LinuxMCE too. In the meantime we are looking for people to become part of the beta test program for Athena which we expect to start in late Oct or early Nov (you do need a Dianemo installation to participate in this though)

All the best


The main point I tried to make is: Yes, HTML5 design is much easier done than the original Orbiter work. But it still is not something that one can easily do on a single weekend, if one doesn't have any background in HTML "coding"

I didn't quantify how long it would take to learn HTML5 - but knowing Bulek I think he already has skill in this area. But I think the broader point is that many people here already have enough knowledge of HTML to easily cope with building a skin especially if they use an existing Dianemo Athena skin as their starting point. We will add plenty of notes and remarks to our standard Athena skins so that understanding the structure of the skins makeup will not be difficult.

Personally I cannot wait to see what users come up with, both in terms of improvements and adaptations to our standard skins, and to brand new designs they've invented too.


Users / Re: Raspberry Pi as UPnP player under Dianemo
« on: September 23, 2014, 12:38:22 pm »
Hi Andrew,

How can I get the firmware of Dianemo for my Rpi.



Hi Heinz,

You can download Raspbmc for Rpi for free from here;

If you'd like integrated HDMI-CEC control from Dianemo of the TV attached to your Rpi then we offer a Dianemo Raspbmc-CEC package that adds our CEC control software. See here for details of Offer-4;

Or PM or email me if you have any questions.

All the best


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