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Prehaps this may be of some help --- although does not deal directly with your issue... After also trying to install Lmce on several different systems and having various obstacles, I opted for a vmware based install. What i had kept encountering on previous installs was, after Lmce installs and asks to reboot, I reboot, Ubuntu's loading screen comes up, then 1 of two things A.) screen cant support Lmce's auto detected resolution. or B.) screen is black

Now when I installed via vmware (with out vmware tools installed on image) the same would happen however what i was able to do was use the scroll bars to scroll to the center of screen which low and behold had a window which was in the midst of downloading and or updating..... after prehaps 40 min to an hour and the completion of its activity, the screen res switched to a more reasonable res and I encountered the green setup menu.

so long story short prehaps your black screen is really just the top left corner of a ridiculously high screen res (as in my case) 

Did you find when installing as a vmware image that your setup took an unreasonable amount of time....? Mine has been going for around 3 hours now at 100% cpu usage.. on a 3.2 GHz with 2GB ddrII 533MHz, SataII 7200rpm drive.... I think I'll restart shortly as this seems odd.

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