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Feature requests & roadmap / Is LinuxMCE what I want?
« on: April 23, 2007, 02:08:35 pm »
Actually I know what I want, I'm just not sure whether LinuxMCE can provide it. Since my VCR died on me I'm recording TV stuff with my DVB-S card and burn it to RW media to watch it on my standalone. However, since my standalone is kinda 'hardwired' to my TV rack I can't be bothered to take it with me to watch at my girlfriend's since her standalone does not playback from rw media.

So what I like to see is be a Live-CD with a mediacenter software on it that would me allow to boot on my laptop and playback all kinds of media (mpeg, xvid, mp3) from my external NTFS-formatted USB drive via S-Video on her TV. Since I haven't found such a Live-CD yet I've installed Ubuntu 6.10 and LinuxMCE on top of it as a hybrid system hoping it to be the next best thing.

Every step worked for me until I arrived at the Quickstart guide. Since I don't have a remote yet (in case everything turns out the way I'd like I would buy one) I thought I would control the whole process from my laptop and get the output of it via S-video on the TV as the second monitor. So don't I have to set up 2 resolutions, one for my laptop and the other for her TV? The audio test just worked fine, I could hear the music played back from the TV.

However, I do not get any video signal. My laptop is set to 1280x something and when I acknowledged the final step I got a blue tiled blue screen which cut the error message in half so I couldn't read it

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So what do I do now? Thx!

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