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Alrighty, so, I got those drivers you mentioned for the AIW, and the installation went pretty well for everything.

Where I am now:

-Ubuntu 6.10 installed
-LinuxMCE installed
-The system displays on my normal desktop, but does not seem to output to the TV with the video out on my 9800 AIW.
-When MCE starts up, my monitor displays a black screen with a mouse. Nothing else.

Any advice on how to A: get it to display things on the TV, and/or B: get some TV playing on any screen?

Thanks as always

edit: Oh look, if I just unplug the monitor it works. Except that then my TV monitor goes stupid, and clearly is having some issues. I can do ctrl-alt-f1 to get to a command line at least... getting my Hardware dude roommate to see if he can figure it out.

edit: Okay, so it appears that things look okay on the TV up until the visual login screen. Then things go ugly. If I go to the command prompt, I can see things normally as well. Advice?

Thanks for the advice on which TVTuner to look for. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know where to find working (or roughly working) Drivers for the TV tuner part of the Radeon 9800 All in Wonder? I've done some research on it, and havn't found much.

Thanks to those who actually take the time to read this, I hope that someone helped you out when you were as new to this as I am.

I'm a programming student, with some limited exposure to Linux, mostly Suse and (lately) Ubuntu. Generally my exposure was because all my projects had to work in both Linux and Windows. So, I can use it, I can program a bit of C++ in it, but Linux is still pretty much the wilderness to me.

So, the other day, Digg sent me to look at that video on google of Linux MCE in action , and I've decided I want that. I have an old desktop lying around that I don't use much, and some hardware, and I'd like to see it setup as a Media Center.

What I need is some advice as to what hardware I'll need to buy, what I'll need to replace.

What I have:
-Athlon 64 3000+
-1GB PC3200 Ram
-Radeon X1600 w/tv out
-Radeon 9800 All in Wonder (replaced it with the 1600)
-The remote control that came with the 9800
-A ~7 year old TV, 27 inch or so
-DVD drive

I've looked around and not found a lot of linux support for either ATI video cards. Should I replace these, or perhaps just buy a TV tuner PCI card? If so, what's one with decent linux drivers/support?
Is a Bluetooth card/reciever a good idea? I saw how handy it was in that video, and was impressed. If so, again, what's a good one for use in linux?

This is my summer project, to get a media center setup, and possibly get Jinzora on it later for streaming media.

Thanks again to anyone who can give some advice.

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