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Users / Hardware Newbie -- Choices!
« on: May 18, 2007, 04:38:14 am »
Ok -- so I am a hardware newbie and I am wondering how to set things up. Software i can configure pretty easy, but it's the hardware that I am having trouble deciding on. So i thought i would reach out -_-

   Here is my plan:

I allready have a rack in the basement with a NAS. I want to put the core here. And have Media Directors at each TV. I have already run cat5e to each room that needs it (those with TV's camera's ect).

I have direct TV HD enabled. (dolby h20) as the main receiver.

Here is my question. From a hardware point of view, can i have the sat. receiver down stairs pluged into the core and have the core serve the channels to each TV, and record off of that feed? Or do i have to have an HD receiver at each TV and then media directors each with a TV card that can record HD?

Also -- how does linuxMCE physically interface with AC systems and lighting systems? I haven't had any luck looking this up, im going to home depot and lowes later on this week and plan on asking them as well. Just any ideas on what i should do/buy here.

Thanks in advance for any advise : )

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