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funny i have the same problem and it seems others too.. no idea.. i got it working a ocuple of days ago but ithink that's form rebooting enough time or a fluke

i reinstalled because i wanted a hybrid core.. now none of my monitors work.. tv. .lcd or crt.. i can access from teh web but without the ability to create a user i can't change the resolution on the device remotely..


any help would be nice.


Installation issues / a few questions
« on: March 27, 2007, 03:12:58 pm »
i finally fixed the black screen by plugging in my lcd.. finishing the setup. then plugging it into the t.v. and messing around with video settings from the web..

anyway i have a few questions now :)

1. I plugged in a webcam.. how will ubunbu detect/install/ and let pluto find it ?
2. How do i find/copy media from the network, or attached drive
3. I'm missing the generic ntfs/samba share templates for some reason and can't find any way to download them
4. If i choose the install as a dedicated linuxmce machine... can i still exit mce and go back to ubuntu to do a coupla things ?

Thanks any help would be quite useful i think :)


I have a server where i store all my music/video it's ubuntu as well

I can't seem to add it as a share... the instructions i found said to add :

"template for 'Generic NFS Share' or 'Generic Samba Share' "

unfortunately I don't see this as a setting

here is the link


Installation issues / mine too i think
« on: March 26, 2007, 07:49:47 pm »
i installed and everything from cd.. rebooted when it told me to.. and I have this plugged into my t.v. and nothing shows up on the t.v. it says unsupported mode and is blank.

I can login from the web.. the computer boots ubuntu just fine..i can ssh.

also i have a geforce 440mx installed and it looks like all the nvidia drivers are installed?

anything i can do from ssh..

when i go to the ip it says to create a new user.. but i click on that and nothing happens.. so no idea.. i'm stuck right now.. any help would be great :)


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