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Installation issues / Re: time required by installation
« on: March 28, 2007, 06:43:37 pm »
ok now -- nearly after 10hrs its installed completely. And now when i start the media Centre, it just stalls at a grey screen with my mouse pointer in it.

"Plug n Play" My foot. Linux will never be even 10% as windows in installation & configuration part. Wonder how many hours that guy in the video must have spent on starting up everything in right condition.

Installation issues / time required by installation
« on: March 28, 2007, 04:18:31 pm »
Ok!! after seeing the google video of LinuxMCE vs. XP MCE, i was deeply inclined to try out linuxmce on my htpc. I have never used ubuntu before, i'm a slackware user but anyhow i downloaded the iso's required & then I sit for more than 6 hrs just to sit & see my system being installed ?????

I don't mean to offend the dev. community but man come on, wtf is there with the auto-update thing, why does the installer need to download so much of update wasting 3 hrs or so just for nothing.
If there is such an incredible updation amount, why not make weekly, or nightly builds?

6hrs have passes & im still watching it towards updating OpenOffice pkgs. this is like wtf?? what has open office updates have to do with MCE interface.

I don't think u can bypass the update process as it says if u don't update ubuntu urself, linuxmce setup will do it. Man, i'm in india & net connections are still max 30-40kbps download speeds. This implies that i need atleast a 2mbps line to install the updates & get this ting ready if i wanna save time.

I don't know well i w'd like the linuxmce, but its my  serious request to the dev. team to look into this issue. When ur comparing windows with linux, this will be a major hurdle & a setback for the implementors. this much of time involved in just getting the OS/UI installed, it pathetic. No one's got so much time.

also It'd be good to have include everything once on a weekly build basis(let me know if they already exist) & probably a DVD version including ubuntu & linuxmce together, updated to the week so that only the Download time is required.


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