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Hi there,

I've managed to open the 35mb dcerouter.log file and i cannot see any errors in there - however, ive used ms stuff for years so what may be an error is questionable whether i've picked it up or not.

there's been around 90 people read this thread and only 4 reply's, perhaps is people have problems to get it jotted down on here - as otherwise this will end up as an FAQ instead of a forum - it also helps the people/person who wrote this to see if its either a select few having problems or the masses.

if anyone else has any more thoughts on this, please do jot them down here!


Hi there

I too have the exact same issue!

I have re-installed ubuntu and LinuxMCE again to see if i'd done anything silly on the initial install.

i appear to have appropriate user access (part of the 'root' user group) so i wouldnt have thought it was permissions based. (which wasnt originally set like that, i made the changes once i'd re-built the box)

my linux knowledge is a little limited, any thoughts on where i could pull the instructions to allow me to check the log-files?

i've got the UI set to basic, its a p4.3.0ghz HT with 2mb cache, asus mobo, antec psu, 2gb of ram, i think the hardware is upto the task (as yet the box doesnt havea tv tuner / pvr facilties as i want to try and get the system up and running before i add the hardware - with a rebuild if needed.

any thoughts / options on how i can resolve this would be great!

many thanks in advance


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