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Installation issues / Videosettings initial setup screen
« on: November 28, 2013, 09:53:27 pm »
Hello everybody...
After being two years out of this world, went back on earth and to my joy i found that there was a new version of linuxmce, after settling etc, moving, etc. i dl the iso and put it on a dvd.
This evening i wanted to go and have a look, old Pentium 4, 1,5 gb mem, simple video, two respectable hard disks and a lot of joy for what's coming. It looked ok, but the first thing you as user must do is set the desired video, audio etc...
Well, having no money, and that is a bummer, i could not afford a better system than the old bogger i have, otherwise i would donate... ;)
So, that first screen is the trouble, i set vga, then 1280X1024 at 50 hz, because the monitor, old one but not too old, can handle 1280x1024 easily. Then i press enter, the screen goes black, flickers a little bit, and after 20-25 seconds it goes back to STEP 1, Every thing is where i was.
Is it my fault, my imagination? My counselor and my therapist saids to me that i should warn the people around me that i can speak from the heart, not really understanding that i could hurt anyone (aspergers) So, who can make this baby run?
I can say what i think, but one keyboard flying through the air is enough... Please help!

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