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Installation issues / HDMI Input
« on: May 18, 2013, 10:40:53 pm »
    I have been putting together my first LinuxMCE (10.04) Hybrid Core, and ran into a problem.  I wanted to re-use an old ATI HD650 PCI card to capture a live stream from my STB.  The plan was to allow normal channel selection and DVR play from the STB remote, for now.  Unfortunately, the PCI card is not compatible with my PCI-E motherboard.  So now I'm stuck buying a new "tuner" card.

    10.04 hardware documentation is still sparse (unless I'm just not looking in the right place) so it's hard to tell how new is too new.  I was hoping to find an HDMI-capture card (AverMedia AVerTV HD, maybe?) but I wasn't sure if it will do the job.  If there are no good HDMI-Input options, I can easily settle for other input connections, as long as they support HD content (some coax inputs will carry HD.) but HDMI is clearly the preference.  I have AT&T Uverse, so a tuner card directly from the wall isn't an option.

    The video capture is the only piece I am missing ahead of the install, and nothing is "latest and greatest", so if I have more "proven" options under 8.10, I can still go that route.  The long-term plan is to bring in as many as 4 STB inputs to a separate core, but for now I will have the single hybrid to learn on.  Any suggestions will be a great help, as I am trying to do this the right way, and am hungry for any knowledge available.

Feature requests & roadmap / Picture-In-Picture Security Cameras
« on: May 03, 2013, 10:23:31 pm »
I am new to LinuxMCE, and have not had time to run through all the features yet.  In searching the forum, I have not seen anything regarding picture-in-picture (PIP) capabilities.  Is it possible to have a security camera displayed within the curent media, either on an event (through a security scenario) or by direct selection via an orbiter?  I think this would be a very convenient feature if someone is at the door, or your wife "hears something outside."

If PIP is not suported, could the security scenario go to a quad view (or other multi-view layout) with the movie/TV as one of the frames?

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