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Users / Completely Portable Wireless System(PXE, etc)
« on: February 11, 2013, 11:38:59 pm »
A search of past posts makes it look like the general agreement is that wifi is simply too slow to use for LinuxMCE. Now, with 802.11ac coming out I figure it's time to revisit that assumption. The reason I'm interested is because I'm still apartment-hopping fairly regularly, and would like to create a system that's entirely portable from one place to another. I shouldn't have to modify any existing infrastructure to install my systems.

I asked over on iPXE's forums how capable iPXE is of booting over Wifi. PXE booting is preferred for a more centralized system, and iPXE is ideal, wifi or not, due to the fact that it allows you to send the boot images over HTTP, rather than the horrendously slow TFTP. My experience with installing it in a computer shop tells me it boosts speeds by well over 10x. Unfortunately, it appears it has very small wireless device support, so I was hoping you guys could recommend a small, convenient wireless bridge/switch I could use for PXE booting. While this switch could also act as my Internet Connection, I'm guessing it'll be cheaper for me to go with an 802.11ac adapter, since 802.11ac switches are likely to be quite expensive, and I really only need it for PXE booting.

Next up is lighting. I'm wondering if there is any planned support(or current support) for LIFX(when it comes out) or the Philips Hue(Already out). I'd also like to combine my sound system with my lighting for portability sake, so if anyone knows of any projects intending to merge the wireless speaker light bulbs(AudioBulb) idea, with wifi/API controllable LED bulbs like the ones above, please post it :D Something like NEC Lighting's speaker light bulb, but ideally one that would fit better into a normal bulb's space.

I think wireless cameras are already well-supported, so I don't see that being an issue, and wireless thermostats have been out for a while. If you can think of anything that'd go well with a fully portable LinuxMCE setup, please post it, or if you can answer any of the above questions, thanks!

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