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Installation issues / Install issue with AVWizard Reboot
« on: February 11, 2013, 02:13:08 am » newb to LinuxMCE here but I need a little guidance.  Installing under VMware (host is Ubuntu 12.04) and all seemed to be going well until the AVWizard.   No matter what resolution I select, I get the AVWizard display resolution confirmation screen for just a second and then it disappears and the system reboots.   I searched the forums etc. but can't seem to find anything quite like this described.   So, what does the AVwizard do at that point that might be causing a failure?   My guess is that it is doing something with X-Windows or video drivers and something is croaking.  The host OS is using the Ubuntu ATI Radeon (RS780) driver.  I guess maybe I need to try to break out of the AVWizard at boot and see if there are some MCE or Kubuntu log files that might give me a clue.   I am fishing for any hints.  This is LinuxMCE 8.10-Final

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