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Users / Core Server PC selection help
« on: December 17, 2012, 12:17:47 am »

I want to set up a home media sever for now and add the home automation at a later point in time. After review various products, Linuxmce looks like what I am looking for. However, I don't have any experience using Linux. I am a software developer and have some experience with Unix. Using Linuxmce might be a good hands on experience for me. However, I don't have time for trial and error learning. So, I might go for Dianemo S (Cascade Smart Home) just to get some support.

I am planning on setting up a dedicated Core server with NAS storage. I don't know how to build one. Hence, I want to buy the pre-built server. I checked out the wiki page for the hardware and it looks like it has old information. Hence, I am posting here to get some recommendation for the Core. I would like to buy an Asus server. This will be located in my home office. I want to use this server as my desktop as well. My desktop usage is mainly for internet browsing, checking email, playing videos and music.... I, also, want to record TV shows on the Core. I am planning on using Silicon Dust HDHomrun products and hence, I might not need TV tuner cards on the Core server. If having TV tuner cards on the Core server is preferable, please do let me know.

So, can someone please recommend what would be a good pre-built hardware for the Core server with enough expansion slots for home automation? As I have mentioned above, I prefer to buy Asus.

Thanks for your help and time in this regard.

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