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Installation issues / Softphone won't register
« on: October 06, 2012, 05:52:22 pm »

I'm trying to get 'any' softphone to register with LMCE and am not having much luck. For context, my LMCE install is a 1004 script based install.

I started off by following the 'Ekiga' wiki page instructions, but with changes to reflect new the newer version. So the first thing I did was to create a new 'Generic SIP softphone' device from the admin web interface, gave it 201 as the phone number, set a password and set the floor object type to 'Non-linuxmce phone'. I then installed the Ekiga client on my Windows 7 box, added a new account and filled in the relevant bits. Oh, following installation the wizard didn't ask about STUN (as per screenshots), but I did tick the 'Disable network detection' from the preferences. This failed to connect. A little Wiresharking later and I realised that Ekiga didn't even appear to be sending any SIP REGISTER messages to the core.

So then I downloaded and installed Jitsi and with this client (against the same 201 line), I see the REGISTER message in Wireshark. However, the core responds with a 401 (Unauthorized). From the core, I opened a terminal and started sniffing around in the /etc/asterisk folder. Upon grep'ing the entire directory for '201' I had only one hit in hints.conf. I don't know much about asterisk, but from some of the googling I've done, this doesn't look right. I also tried opening the asterisk console and issue the 'sip show peers' and it reports only the MD's default client (i.e. ext. 200).

In short, it looks like the device creation hasn't sinked up from the LMCE DB to the asterisk config. Any suggestions as to where to go from here?


Installation issues / Internet install: Core vs Hybrid?
« on: October 05, 2012, 05:34:03 pm »

As I mentioned in another thread, I installed kubuntu 1004 last night and manually ran the LMCE install script. Everything went well, but at the end of it, I realized that I hadn't been given the opportunity to specify whether I wanted a core or a hybrid system. How should I have proceeded to setup a straight core only?


Developers / LMCE controlling a router's Wifi?
« on: October 05, 2012, 05:25:54 pm »

I don't like keeping the wifi enabled all the time. I have my reasons, but I'll just leave it at that.

What I'd like is to have the ability to turn on the wifi when I want/need it and then turn it off again when I no longer need it. And obviously, I'd like to do it more easily than having to log into the router and do it the 'long' way. I thought this could be done using the orbiter(s) and/or an X10 remote control (by sending a code), etc.  I haven't managed to find anything in the forums on this idea so correct me if I'm wrong.

I am using the Tomato router firmware at the moment and might replace it with OpenWRT (or a derivative) if needed. I believe I've found the CLI to toggle the wifi state (need to test) so I'd next need to write a script to be invoked by 'something' to perform the toggling. I thought the 'something' might be to xPL enable the router... I've seen a few things on their forums suggesting this. This would leave a few things to resolve:

1. Is there an xPL device for LMCE? If not, I'd have to create one which I guess would need to act as a bridge between DCE and xPL. I think I read a vague reference to this idea someplace, but I haven't found much meat around the subject. Has any work been done to bridge xPL to LMCE/DCE?

2. Given that the router is on the external LAN, that means that the core would need to reach out via its external LAN interface in order to send the xPL message to the route. This is already starting feel like I'm stepping outside of what LMCE 'should' or rather 'should not' be doing... well maybe, maybe not... dunno.

I thought I'd ask for feedback on the basic idea before I set out on any project. I've still got plenty more to keep me busy anyway.


Installation issues / Nortel i2004 on LinuxMCE?
« on: October 04, 2012, 02:14:54 pm »

I have an older Nortel i2004 IP/Unistim based phone I'd like to try and use with LMCE. I've found some posts on Asterisks sites about building and installing the chan_unistim module, /etc/asterisk/unistim.conf file, etc. However, as I've found no posts here on the LCME forums I was wondering if there was any reason why this wouldn't be feasible or practical to attempt?

The first thing I noted is that although the chan_unistim module was apparently included in the 1.6 Asterisk stream, I see no logs (/var/log/asterisk) related to the module being loaded on LMCE. Is the LMCE Asterisk build custom? Has chan_unistim not been included?

Even if I build and install the module, do I risk running into other LMCE specific issues? I'm thinking along the lines of creating a new device from the web admin page. Will I need to create a new device template or some such?

I'm just getting started, but thought I'd check before going too far down this path.


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