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Users / New set up from scratch
« on: August 31, 2012, 02:37:14 am »
I am moving into a new house in a couple weeks and want to put in a HA system. I am looking for some help in picking the items to make the install as easy as possible, but more importantly, stable. I want to have multi-media in several rooms, video surveillance (wireless), (light controllers and climate control to be added later).

I will have Verizon FIOS and hope to only have to use one DVR box for the living room and cable cards for the rest of the TV's.

Living room - large screen TV, 3D, 7.1 sound, DVR, streaming from internal and external sources (Netflix, Amazon, etc.)

Office, Patio and Game Room - TV with live HD, stream internal and external video, stereo sound

3 Bed rooms - TV live, stream HD internal and external sources

There is also in wall speakers throughout the house that I would like to control as we wll. Stream music, have the computer talk to me, read my e-mail, great me in the morning, and any other crazy things I can think of.

In the end I will have 6 HD TV's and one 3D TV.

Q1 - How many MD systems are needed? One per TV?
Q2 - How many cable tuner cards are needed?
Q3 - The core system, what type of power is needed if I wanted to have all TV streaming at once? (Not that it would happen.)
Q4 - What is the best way to control the TVs, BluRay and other devices? IR or through service ports?

If you were building this from scratch what components would you use?

Thanks for any feedback.

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