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Users / "knxnet ip only" or RESTFul for DIY electronics
« on: April 11, 2012, 06:20:45 pm »

I'm new to the whole thing but I want to upgrade my system.  When l sas building my house I didn't have the time or experience to decide what system to put in so I just routed everything (push buttons, light switches, powers sockets, ...) to one point and used impulse relays.  I have two 96 national instruments DIO cards (and some DIY electonics with uln2803 to convert 12V to 5V) sitting in a RT PC and some Labview code.  I want to upgrade my system:

1) redundancy (high waf)
2) low power consumption
3) better dimmer integration (current system is not good at all, just switches lights on and off on a preset intensity)
4) integration into LMCE

my idea's

1) I want to keep my relays and the physical connection between the pushbutton of a particular switch and the relay (if all else fails, I can still switch on the light)
2) replace  home made electronics with other home made electronics
3) add a micro-controller capable of interpreting simple text (from SD) (e.g. IF_(OR(Switch_button1Kitchen,Sensor_Kitchen))DO(On(Light_Kitchen)) ) This what I currently have running in LV: create txt, upload, behavior changes.   I'm currently implementing this into arduino.
3) add LMCE
And this is where my question comes in:  two options to integrate the micro-controller into LMCE: implement "KNXnet IP only" or use RESTful webservices.  Both are new to me but it  looks like finding the documentation for the KNX solution is not that easy and the current KNXnet implementation of LMCE (or how I understand it) is aimed ad using a KNXnet bridge, not a KNXnet IP only device.  For the second option: I'm not clear on how exactly I will have to create a device template to define all of the actions/buttons of the micro-controller and if it is possible at all to create an event from the micro-controller or if only polling will be possible.

So If anyone can comment on the integration of a micro-controller into LMCE please do
(I know I can probably do without the micro-controller, but I prefer an option where I do not have to have a pc running and still have most of the home automation functionality running)


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