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Hello all!

As I am currently building new house - I have come to stage of sorting out electrical installations - so I can choose to add additional lines for home automation.

Current main tasks are:
-controlling lights
-controlling shutters
-possible FL/LED dimming (if it is achievable)
-later the HVAC will be added - depending on the heat pump type, but it is not current priority.

The house has 220V/1-phase AC current, the shutter motors are 220V with 3 wires, and the most lights will be CFL, some LED flood lights.
For the dimming purposes I was considering FL with electronic ballasts (0-10V or DALI) - but as I am still unable to find good ballast/module combination I am about to give up dimming :(

Major concern now is which the protocol to choose - the more I read and ask for quotations the more I am unclear
-X10 Taiyito micro modules - very cheap (~1000USD total) and very easy to implement, but I am concerned about interference from CFL and switching power supply
-PCLBUS micro modules - more expensive (~2500USD total), probably more robust?!?
-KNX/EIB - the expense with micromodules is sky high (about 150EUR/module), could be great solution but out of my price range
-centralized KNX - expense is quite high and needs lots of customized wiring which could lead to lots of problems with upgrades in decades to come
-zwave or zigbee - cannot find applicable micromodules, especially for shutters and again gets very expensive

As I have said I have a clear book to start with, my electrical installations can be customized if a good solution emerge.

Here is my floor plan with some simplified lightning zones (A-I): / UD9jg.jpg
(cannot post img?)

Please give suggestions and keep in mind that the budget is not limitless :(

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