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in my quest to get Linux home automation to work on my low power Mini board of Intel D525MW, i am now trying to install the mini install based upon Fed 12.
Fedora 12 installs fine, but now i have an issue that the NIC Realtek 8111/ 8168B does not work anymore.

I have checked the forums and it seems to be a general problem, also with Fed 13.
several attempts to install the new driver from Realtek did not work yet.
get error msgs when executing "make clean modules"..
found  /linux-networking-3/how-to-install-the-rtl-8168-8111-driver-555491/ describing the same issue, but did not come up with a solution.

anyone any suggestions on how to continue with the mini install ?  would like to be able to use Linux and zwave for home automation.. but sofar not much luck..
i am not a expert in Linux, but do know my way around with the command line..


sofar i have tried to install the complete Linux MCE version 810. This one failed during the install with the message "installing Firefox".. seems to be a know issue.
tried to install fedora 13 with ISO download - this one failed to load - apparently due to know issues on gigabit motherboards ?
now tried to install fedora 12, but blocked due to NIC realtek 8111....


I have been very interested in home automation with Zwave and recently i saw the possibility to use LinuxMCE as a software tool for that. I would like to install just the home automation portion on a low power consumption server (like the Intel MD525MW).
I have downloaded the LinuxMCE 810 ISO and installation of Unbuntu went well. I had some issues with the realtek NIC, but this i have been able to fix.
However, the MCE installation did not work out well. The AVwizard did start, but after choosing the basic options, my ubuntu is completley reconfigured. i do not see the MCE starting and also my network manager disappeared. so no internet anymore.

I am new to the Unix world, but i assume the problem might be with the fact that Linuxmce is requirng a NVIDIA card ?
is it possible to install just the home automation portion of  LinuxMCE for Zwave ?
Or has anyone succeede to make linuxMCE 810 work on a low power motherboard without Nvidia ?


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