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Hi guys,

I was introduced to LinuxMCE just a week ago and have to admit I am hooked!  The effort and inovation that has gone into this product is overwhelming to say the least.  

As a new user I find myself getting bogged down trying to understand the parent/child relationships within the Admin interface.  There just seem to be so many options available, I dont know which way to go.  Is there any way to portray the config in a tree type presentation where the subsystems are all added /defined from within the tree starting with the Core at the top and adding each device under it?  Maybe this is already done, but I can't seem to get the drilldown presentation I would expect.   The tree in the left admin pane seems to do a bit of this but not completely? I could just be doing something wrong.

For instance is it possible to; if you wanted to hook up a security system to a com port on the core, (as I understand it)you would define a local com port, then an interface type/protocol, then a security system, then a zone, then a sensor, all done in a drop down tree type environment, with only options available/allowed at each level being presented?

Can this then be presented in a graphical drilldown way in the orbiters too, using the background JPGs/PNG's?

Hats off to all the developers!


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