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I think this is a MPEG ACC codec problem, however not sure where to look.

I've installed LinuxMCE-8.10-final.iso other than having basic problems with selecting correct driver for FX5200 graphics card and getting the correct download urls in apt sources.list all has gone well. However I have been struggling for the week trying to get sound to work in VDR for New Zealand DTT TV with my WinTV HVR 1100 Hauppauge PCI TV DVB-T Tuner Card.  I've wasted most of my time on the red herring of audio pids in tuning the channels however I've found that isn't the problem.

Audio works for playing DVD's, movies in AVI files and music mp3 are fine. Playing recorded or live TV in VDR is the problem with no sound. However if I play the VDR recorded .TS file in VLC on my Mac laptop the sound is fine. I see the codec is MPEG ACC audio. Trying to play the .TS file direct in xine on kubuntu desktop on LinuxMCE hybrid/core there is no sound, under the file info for xine it shows "Audio, has: yes, Handled: yes, Codec AAC 5.1 (libfaad)" which I assume means it has the correct codec for this.

Just in case it didn't have the codec I followed the instructions in phenigma post on "xine-lib and video playback issues?" (can't post link) and installed his pluto-xine-player and libxine2 packages. This didn't make any difference. I didn't do the "" as my FX5200 card needs an earlier driver.

Any pointers to where I should be looking, reading or check are appreciated. Thanks. Hopefully I'll get this working before the end of the Rugby world cup so we can watch at least the last game on the big screen.

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