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Users / questions about audio only MD
« on: June 30, 2011, 10:52:42 pm »

I do not even have LinuxMCE installed, and have never installed it.
That being said.  i'm attempting to determine if this is right for me, and what i'm looking for.


I have experience with linux, and mythtv.


I'm definitely interested in setting this up.  Huge fan of the mythtv product.  very interested in adding more onto this base for home automation.  Already have quite a bit of equipment.  Heres the situation.

House is wired with cat5,  all cat5 runs to the basement rack.  the basement rack is where my core will be located (already have a linux server sitting down there, making it a core shouldnt be an issue).

Bedroom/livingroom/office will likely run normal standard MD's with tvs+speakers, no problem here.  however, there are rooms without a tv, that i'd like to add audio support for.  here's my question.

It seems like the audio only MD of choice is a squeezebox.  sure, i have no problem with this.

Question #1,  Is there any reason my squeezebox needs to actually be located in that room?  I'd like to install some in-wall speakers, and i'll run all the speaker runs down to the rack.  if i use a squeezebox->small 2 channel amp->speakers and keep everything in the rack except the actual speakers, is this feasible?

Question #2,  If its going to be in the rack, and i have extra equipment, does it need to be a squeezebox?  could i just use a regular headless linux box as a MD for a room, but keep the box physically located in the rack in the basement?  as long as i was able to tie into the rooms speakers?

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