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Users / Remote Buttons - Web Orbiter 2.0
« on: June 20, 2011, 08:03:37 pm »
A few questions seeking guidance.

I have a working Core working along with a GCE 100.  I can make a scenario to turn on my TV/satellite box/receiver with a touch of a button via IR blaster on the GCE 100.

Is there a default remote GUI for the web orbiter I can utilize?  I.E  On the web orbiter, I would click devices then chose "Living Room TV".  I would like a remote to show up (arrows, a few buttons etc) so I can control the TV/Receiver/Satellite box via the GCE 100 with an on-screen remote per say.  Is this something easily doable?

Or would I have to
a) use orbiter designer to make a remote template
b) upload template then map each template button to an IR code for the up/down arrows/buttons etc?

As a side note, I am doing this as a POC as we are building a 6,000 sq ft house which is done in April.  I plan on controlling 3 floors, over 40 lights, 12 audio zones, home theater, therm, hvac, irrigation, blinds and roughly 30 A/V devices.  I have 9 months to figure out this system so baby steps.  My next step is figuring out the above :).

Thanks in advance,

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