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Developers / Transmission torrent on LinuxMCE
« on: July 30, 2013, 04:46:33 pm »

Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I have recently spent a lot of time including transmission-daemon and some download management tools into the Linux MCE web admin site.  I have tried best I can to keep the theme as per the rest of the site, apart from the Transmission-daemon server connection, which is as per the transmission daemon installation.  There are pages on there to create symbolic links from either file or directory level to another folder (in my case, I was fed up with all the Sample.avi etc etc etc) appearing on Media Tomb, hence the symbolic links to just the movie!!  There is also built in an unrar, which most of the downloads appear to be.

The installation tool checks for transmission-daemon, and unrar, offering to add them in if they are not installed, adds a new database into MySQL called "transmission_links", and adds the menu option into Advanced > Configuration, then copies all the necessary web and scripting files into the relevant places.

In my set-up, I have put transmission-daemon's setting (/etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json) to use /home/public/torrents folder in my set-up, and my mediatomb only looks at /home/public/data.

Due to the new web pages, index.php will be replaced, as will include/config/ and include/config/, so, if you have made any changes to these files, please be careful!!!  Back-up copies will however remain in their location with the date and time stamp after the file name so you can return to "normal" afterwards, similar to: index.php-20130729165423.bak.

I accept no responsibility for loss of data, so please be sure to read through the install script prior to running, if you feel happier, then create the database and user, and copy the files manually.

Hope you like the layout, I will continue to try to work on advancing the layout and interface, and would appreciate any input from the outside world!

Users / No VPN Connection on 10.04
« on: October 17, 2012, 04:50:23 pm »
Despite following the very simple guide on the wiki, I cannot seem to get the VPN to work on my installation (Of which this is the second, as I completely wrecked the fist trying!)  After turning it on and off again, I started to trawl the net for solutions involving Openswan VPN.  In finding various issues with the version number, I upgraded the version, and still no luck.  I ended up completely ruining my network setup, and was forced to completely reinstall MCE from scratch, where I have since once again followed the wiki to set it up without success.

I will post in my Auth.log output from the MCE server and client side log later, as I'm guessing that will be one of the first questions!!  Is anyone else having trouble, or managed to connect?  Is there a minimum PSK length? etc etc?!



Users / My DCERouter is attacking other servers!
« on: July 05, 2011, 05:12:25 pm »
I had a letter from my ISP regarding attacks from my IP address on a server on the net, they didn't give much info, other than it was failed login attempts were made from my IP.  The outgoing ports were: 50495, 50886, 50742, 51300 and 51453.  Helpfully, they included a info sheet on how to get software to remove such a threat on a windows machine, bu oddly, nothing to help a Linux box?!!

Does anyone else have any experience of letters from their ISP using this distro?  I say this because the attack happened at 2:55am, and there would be none of the XP / Vista (sorry for swearing) machines on at that time in our house!

Does anyone know if, and or where there may be a log kept of the network activities I could look at, try to track down what was going on!


I have a RAID devise, which is known as "Home-Drive", and Device 29 in LMCE's database.  The issue is, on reboot, it creates sym links within the directory structure to itself.


/home/public/data/audio/Home-Drive [29]  -> /home/public/data/audio

This is causing mediatomb database to swell, and create multiple instances of the same songs, pictures, playlists etc. etc. etc.  Also, it seems to slow things right down if you're messing with the media settings, or sorting cover art, I assume this is down to the fact it is then effectively in a never ending spiral of going into the Home-Drive [29] repeatedly.

If I go in and manually remove them all (Which is painstaking!!)  it all works OK, until I reboot and they all re-appear!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

I'm on Version:

Users / Package Dependency issues PHP-Common, PHP-SQLite
« on: April 29, 2011, 12:29:15 pm »
I have been trying to set up wtorrent to access the core running rtorrent, one of the requirements is to have php-SQLite.

On trying to install it I get the following error:

Depends: php5-common (=5.2.6-2ubuntu4) but 5.2.6-2ubuntu4.6 is to be installed

Also have a large number of repositories which fail to fetch.

I used the LinuxMCE-8.10-23864-i386.iso snapshot to install.

Any Ideas how to sort out the dependency issues and failed repositories please?

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