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Feature requests & roadmap / XBMC as frontend - probably been asked
« on: November 19, 2011, 12:51:31 am »

I am going to start by saying i am a daydreamer i am not a programmer these are just my thoughts.... and i am a short time linuxmce user but long long time xbmc user. and also the last thread mentioning xbmc ended up not talking about xbmc but licencing so didn't want to drag that post up now then...

I am thinking the time is right to start looking at using XBMC as an optional front end for linuxmce, with how its developing it seems logical. With openelec and atv2 you can have an appliance like front end for £99-£170. With the work thats already been done on the pvr side, mythtv plugin is a reality. so all we really need is a little integration.  xbmc will broadcast events which event ghost can pick up could linuxmce pick up those events? There is an api which has been briefly discussed in another post so controlling xbmc from the linuxmce/dianemo android or ios app is possible... It would be nice to have a xbmc plugin that gave you some control over lights climate, camera feeds ect. There is already a asterisk plugin for xbmc maybe adopting that with the knowledge its going to be working with linuxmce so set up is alot easier....or.... in my head we have our own branch that uses the pvr build and extends on it...just daydreaming

xbmc as a front end is eye candy with the right skin, add to that the vasy number of plugins available groove shark, ice films , iplayer not forgetting it will play (virtually) anything. If linuxmce could add to that the linuxmce great backend then i think it can only be good for this community.

Because xbmc pvr builds are getting more and more popular lots of people are experimenting with backends vdr, mythtv, media portal, tvheadend, 4therecord being most popular, if people are installng a linux machine on network for tv then why not linuxmce and get more bang for the 400w power supply? All they need to be tempted over is some extra integration that linuxmce would give over just running vdr and asterisk on a box. I think everyone would agree what this project needs is more people engaged, they need a reason to be engaged more integration between xbmc and linuxmce would do that, as that would give them what they want (what i want) a nice slick frontend on low power low noise devices, and a powerfull backend that opens the doors to all kinds of possiblities, you always read on other forums:

"yeah looked into linuxmc it seems the best by far but the front end looks cr@p"

and that is the problem linuxmce has at the moment to attract people it all about the front end as at the end of the day what do you spend... well not you (you probably spend your time staring at the backend) your family what do they spend their time staring at....a dated  frontend.  

I think by the time eden arrives with binary plugins and already a working cec usb controller for xbmc, other companies will set up selling appliance xbmc with zwave ect

Would be interested to know if this is even a possibility somewhere on the horizon?.....and also what are other users opinions on this? do you use the linuxmce frontend to view mediaand or watch live tv? (I don't)

As i say just my thoughts ........keep up the good work. ;D

If it is a possibility i would be willing to donate to the cause.



Marketplace / Dianemo 10.10 brand new no longer for sale
« on: May 05, 2011, 07:42:52 pm »
Edit: I have decided to keep the core and be a bit more patient!!


I am selling my Dianemo NC 300 it is only just over a week old and has had nothing done to it except adding myself as a user. It has:
2tb hdd
2 x dvb s2 pci cards

i paid just over £1500 for it and will concider any reasonable offers, i can arrange a courier or you can pick it up.

If you want to know anything else just ask.



Installation issues / Newbie With install problems....
« on: April 27, 2011, 03:00:39 pm »

This is my first post on this forum although i have been reading for while, i purchased a dianemo nerve centre ~(NC300) which i received today.

It booted fine and was able to setup users and rooms, i then went on to try and pxe boot my zotac HD-ID11 it failed at i saw in another post that you sometimes need to change the architecture back to i386 in webadmin which i did as it was set to 64bit, this made no difference still fails at

The other bit of existing hardware i have that i can connect straight away is my linksys spa3102, but when i try to access phone lines in webadmin it says asterisk database cannot be found, i have selected asterisk in the core settings and it's had a restart since then. Any ideas or pointers to posts would be appreciated.

I also have a gigaset a580 ip dect handset and a sharecenter which as of yet i've done nothing with.

I'm off to go and run the satellite cables to the core maybe i can get the tv working!



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