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Developers / Linuxmce chat function
« on: July 12, 2011, 12:58:57 am »
Does linuxmce currently have a presence/chat client capability?    I have some personal experience working with xmpp.  It would be nice right from the orbiter to send to the bottom of the screen chat messages.  Or alternatively get notifications to an orbiter based on events triggered.  The have a pub/sub mechanism that works in realtime.  The military actually uses it on the battlefield because it works so well in realtime.

Jabber has an open library that is accessible to anyone for free that has a proof of concept web based client that works with ajax.  One is in development for C++  but not ready.    Basically means you dont have to be a xmpp developer to embed presence and instant messaging into your webpage or app. 

Has this been discussed before?

Users / Multiroom Audio for Whole House
« on: July 09, 2011, 07:17:04 pm »
Hello I have read through the forums and the wiki on multiroom audio configurations.   I have a built a new home and plan to have 17 distinct locations where I will require audio.    The speakers are speakercraft in cieling.   I am wiring speaker home runs to each location currently.  Most of the rooms I have purchased Apple iTouch's that are mounted in iPort Wall Docks.  I am currently evaluating if I will need/want to get a couple iPad 1 mounted in wall because they are larger and easier to manipulate for two key locations.     I plan to wire cat 6 to each in-wall touch panel for power and network and each room will also be wired  for local based control even if its not required (future planning)   All wiring home runs to the basement rack.   I currently have a Squeezebox and have run squeezeserver on my old existing linuxmce core.

I will have 3 MD setups  in the main tv viewing locations and I will have the DT Research Tabletop touch panels and a squeezebox.   However my goal is not to use those setups to control or power the whole house audio. 

My goal is to be able to have local independent audio and source control for each room as well as "party mode" or play through the whole house syncd.    I have made the determination I really only care about two audio sources Pandora and terrestrial radio.   Having a ripped mp3 library is too much work when Pandora makes life so easy.  Once in a while I might need to play a cd if someone brings one but I am moving away from physical media.
In addition I have built a highly effecient house so I want to use a solution that reduces energy consumption or handles it in a smart way.   

In the regular world I could purchase Elan Multiroom audio or a Grand Concerto system or equivalent with wall pads or use the Itouchs.    I would require a multisource controller and then two amps.   However given that I have basically just two sources and I have touch orbiters for linuxmce this would be both expensive and redundant. 

Based on the posts I have seen In Linuxmce  I could accomplish this one of two ways
1  using usb audio cards and squeezeslave.
2. 15 squeezeboxes 

My first question is
1  Anyone have a setup like this with this many locations.
2.  I saw posts where it talks about 5+ zones and the required = of usb ports.  No motherboards have 15 ports.  Could this be done with pci usb cards 3 four ports?  Also will it really require 3-5 watts per usb audio card when running?  I wont be running it all the time but I wonder what the idle state would be?  Is it 1watt?  I could measure with my Killawatt if needed. 
3. The usb linux sound cards I see are two channel audio.  I guess for a low quality source like streaming pandora that should be fine from a audio quality perspective right.  I AM NOT A AUDIOPHILE.  So I dont need bit perfect audio however I dont want it to sound like crap either. 
4. I dont think I am going to buy  15 T amps and wire them individually to each room.  That would be a lot of idle standby wasted power.      I plan to get an Elan D12 amp that has an ultra low power sleep mode and instant on.    Can I use 1 or 2 amps directly with the usb sound cards or will I then need a multisource controller to direct the audio?  I need local audio control in room or by touch orbiter as well as party mode.



Developers / zigbee support
« on: March 24, 2011, 09:27:57 pm »
I realize that this is probably asking way too much but is thier any plans to support zigbee?  I think I had asked before and hari said no.  I realize its a ton of work but just curious if this could be done.

One of the strengths of LMCE is that it can support so many different protocols.   Its what keeps me coming back vs going out and buying homeseer or control4.   

The reason I ask is that I have a bunch of zwave sensors but thier are also some zigbee devices I would like but I cant use or support because they are zigbee only.   

If not support exists does anyone know of a bridge.  Would  that be even feasible.  I see that someone wrote a HAI bridge so I guess it might be possible.  The only bridge I saw was from Bulogics but I think that is only for smartmetering.

Users / Irrigation & Rain8net
« on: March 24, 2011, 09:18:02 pm »
I am rebuilding a new home. So I had to disable my lmce system.  I cannot remember if thier was a way to control irrigation controlers and set schedules  from LMCE.  I was planning to purchase a Rain8 controller. The different options they have are rs232, upb and x10.  I was going to purchase 2 controllers and hook them up via my globalcache 100.  

Does anyone know if their is a template in thier for Rain8.  I remember way back when pluto (aaron) saying thier was support.  Looking through the forums I think some people have tried but never got anywhere.  

I would be happy to send a rain8 net out to a developer if they can build a template.  

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