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Installation issues / NOISY screen after installation is finished New 12.04
« on: February 20, 2014, 04:06:58 pm »
Dear All,

I was trying to install LMCE 1204 on a Proliant ML350 G4P (internal VGA no nvidia), just to have it as a headless server.  Installation wizard was perfect but just after reboot y got this noisy black with some dots or vertical lines as screen.  I was unable to do anything.  Then I tried only kubuntu 1204 only that this time I realized that the same thing happened but the messy screen was during the splash, after the splash then the log in screen was present without any issues.  Does the AVWizard shares the same vid config as the splash screen?.  Can this be fixed or is there any walk around?



Installation issues / Re: Endless Symbolic Link (SOLVED)
« on: March 31, 2013, 03:28:06 am »
Dear Friends,  Im a little bit lost on how LMCE manages filesystems.  
Some Time ago I started working with 1004, when I migrated from 810, I decided to change a little bit the structure and use a  small SSD as system disk and a hardware raid 5 for /home
LMCE detect it as a new hard drive (I don't know why) so it is added in the list of devices.  The problem is that, now I have the symb link that creates a endless loop because it points to itself.  This is creating me some issues with the autodetection of media and I have repeated movies and songs.  This of course is happening for all the users since the "new drive" was selected to use LMCE structure.
Any way to correct this?
The problem becomes more evident as more files I add to the system.  This is also possible to see when copying files from windows, check image attached (From the content you can clearly see that this is my daughter's spot!  :P )

Any hints are welcome.

Dear all,

I have created this new Post so it help other to find information about his issue.  I started a post about Video issues and ended up with 1 page for video and two more about audio problems.  I hope this help other to share and get all the information needed.

So far my problem is more or less described in post,12594.0.html  give it a look, there is good information.

So far my problem is that for ZOTAC ZBOX aka ID41 is working half way now, speaker-test works and with some modifications at asound.conf I get the sound working but no ac3 nor DTS (regardless of the pass-through check on web admin).  Other might find this information useful for nvidia hda soundcards using hdmi

On the next post I'll try to copy information from the post above and condense it properly so all the information related to this issue stays in one place.



Dear Friends,

Finally after making the big decision of migrating to 1004 (from a working 810)  :-\  I am facing some issues with the video playback.  The problem is that (on both) there is no video playback, only sound, I only the the black square box where the video should be playing.  If I go to KDE desktop, xine and mplayer works perfectly.  I found that if I change the ui orbiter from v2 to v1 without alpha blend and open gl stuff I get the video output  but if I mess it up by fw or rw it will go away until Quick Reload the router.   Any hints???
As feedback to all, for the zotac MAG installation was completely smooth, even hdmi audio during avwizard but for the ZBOX im still fighting with the hdmi audio.  Hopefully by updating alsa from 1.22 to 1.25 fill fix the problem because the card is not even detected by aplay.

Video playback issues are not corrected by updating video drivers.  I installed 295 at the zbox and the problem is persistent
DENON 2311 via usb-serial cable was plug&play detected and also LG LCD screen.  

I guess I will have to go back to 810 before my wife kills me.  Before she hated the "geek" stuff by having all videos  and home automation on the TV, now she can't live without it!!!... so she continues complaining hahahahaha.... who can understand them... :S!



Dear All,

Just to share a little bit of what is going on and to understand better LMCE.  I had successfully install LMCE on a ZOTAC MAG as an MD.  Works perfect if you get VDPAU working.  This time I wanted to setup another MD but this time it is a ZBOX with more cpu juice!

The problem I'm getting is that I don't get to the av wizard due to some issue with the nvidia driver but I could not see it, it continues scrolling during boot and gets locked under samba service started.  It is not really locked, if I press enter, it goes to the login.  Then here comes the interesting part.  When logged as linuxmce I can't do anything.  If I do whoami, it says I'm sambahelper and I don't know the passwd for it.  I´m unable to install anything because linuxmce does not have the rights.  If I do sudo, it asks for the sambahelper passwd.  WHO IS SAMBAHELPER!, is not helping at all.  I can start the xserver but can't do anything because of the rights of linuxmce user.  Any hints?.  Does root has a password? or Sambahelper?.  Where can I get the boot log to see why it failed to install the nvidia drivers?


Installation issues / Update/upgrade MD's from core not internet?
« on: June 02, 2011, 06:31:20 am »
Hi to all,

Is it possible to update/upgrade all the MD's from the core?.  If I have several MD's if i want to keep them updated, all of them have to download from the internet the packages.  Since they all boot up from the core, which means that they all should be at the same version of the core, would be faster to set up all the MD's to do the apt-get update/upgrade  from the core?
My apologies if this is a dumb question, I just couldn't find an answer  on the forum search



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