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Hello, I'm new to LinuxMCE and well Linux in general.  I have it running at my house and for the security portion I have 2 IP cameras connected.  My house has a Vista Panel based security system installed already and I want to have it communicate with LinuxMCE.  Having found that the Vista ICM has been discontinued I went on the search to find something else.  I stumbled open this website for a pruduct called AD2USB, which is a USB emulator that attaches to the VISTA panel as another keypad.  I was wondering if this product would be able to attach the security panel and allow all its sensors to be seen by LinuxMCE.  As I have limited experience in this arena, I was hoping someone with experience could take a look and see if they think it would work.  I am too new to post links but if you go to nutech dot com go to products and select AD2USB you can find the details.  There is also a forum section there with a community of people who use this product.  If it does work I think it would help many others as I've seen other posts about this topic in the forum.  
Thank you in advance for any feedback.

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