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Developers / LinuxMCE / KNX hardware requirement for lighting solution.
« on: November 18, 2010, 11:49:07 am »
I am new to LinuxMCE

I have been exploring Home automation and in due coarse with Hari's encouragement and a google video on LinuxMCE I decided that I would use LinuxMCE for my project.

I was considering a Z-Wave Vera based solution with ACT Dimmers to kick off my HA project, I was going to later add a Global Cache GC-100 for interacting with my AV equipment. A NAS device for storing media. I would later expand the project scope by including network media players for each room, IP cameras Schlage Z-Wave deadbolt locks.

In the course of my exploration I happened to write an email to Hari and that changed things forever. He was kind to reply and suggested I use KNX/Instabus for my HA project.

I did not know anything about LinuxMCE or KNX, sleepless nights and google kind of helped me scratch the surface.

So here I am looking for links documents on KNX implementation and Hardware. Can someone using KNX help me the the Hardware they use for lighting solution. I have read on multiple forums about Z-Wave status polling either delayed or at times inaccurate. I am looking for a solution that can use KNX and Z-Wave together. As well as exploring solutions to eliminate Z-Wave completely and depend only on KNX.

Looking for all the help I can get. I am in India and on 220V.

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