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Installation issues / Dianemo S with USB NIC
« on: August 06, 2012, 10:00:20 pm »
After a prolonged absence from my system I'm now back at the keyboard. I'm sticking with the Dianemo S system for now but have some new issues  ;D

I noticed that previously when any machine on my network was using a lot of bandwidth, i.e. downloading movies etc. then the core/nerve centre would crash. I've tracked this down to the onboard NIC I believe, so I disabled it and fitted a USB NIC. I did a clean install of 12.04 today and then installed Dianemo from the 1.17 deb. Internet connection worked fine with Ubuntu through the USB NIC, obviously or Dianemo wouldn't have installed. As soon as I rebooted the machine after the installation there was no network connection to the internet from the core; the network settings show no external Mac address, or IP address. If I go to the desktop and try firefox, or any command line command, such as apt-get.....etc there is no network connection.

So how do I tell the system that it should use the USB NIC for the external connection?



Installation issues / Dianemo S on 12.04
« on: June 15, 2012, 11:49:01 am »
I tried unsuccessfully to update from 11.10 to 12.04 on my Dianemo S nervecentre so downloaded the ubuntu 12.04 cd and installed it afresh.

I followed the wiki instructions to re-install Dianemo S but it fails during the script with the following:-

W: Failed to fetch  404  Not Found

W: Failed to fetch  404  Not Found

E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.
*** Installation FAILED ***

Is it something I've done wrong, or forgotten to edit??


Installation issues / Dianemo issue with USB Webcam
« on: May 17, 2012, 03:28:07 pm »
Next problem.

I have got my webcam somewhere near, when I plug it in I get the green led now, also it has created /dev/video1 which seems promising.  When I try to access it from the security cameras screen on either the webadmin, or from the dianemo ipad app. I get "unable to open video device".

The webcam is a "Creative Webcam Go" and worked fine previously.  I'm sure its a setting that I haven't done properly, so all comments appreciated.

Installation issues / Dianemo issue with HD-PVR
« on: May 17, 2012, 03:19:10 pm »
Ok, as suggested a separate thread for my Dianemo issues.

This one is for the Hauppauge HD-PVR.

As suggested I tried setting it up in the myth tv setup from the console.  AFAIK I set everything right, but MythTV won't start.  Now because I don't have any experience with MythTV I may have done something wrong, I have never been able to get it to work with LinuxMCE after over a year of trying, however I never had to use Myth before.  With LinuxMCE the HD-PVR becomes a seperate media scenario on the orbiter.  Is this not the case with Dianemo?

How can I check to see if everything is setup right?  (maybe useful for a remote assistance here??)

What happens when I press the TV scenario is that the MythTV countdown shows "1", freezes there for some time, and then goes into the Myth options screen where I can select recordings/setup etc.  It then tries to restart, and puts me back at this screen again, so if I select the setup menu for example, after approx 2 seconds, it returns me back to the start, and loops like this until I use F7 on the keyboard to stop it. (nothing else works).

FYI I'm running Ubuntu 11.10, and have run the dianemo update script this morning, so all should be up-to-date.


Installation issues / a few Dianemo issues
« on: May 16, 2012, 11:24:49 am »
I've decided to give Dianemo S a go because it wasn't possible to get linuxmce to give me audio via HDMI.  I'm not going to go into that issue again, but I do have a few questions about setting up devices within Dianemo due to the lack of UPNP.  I've decided to put them in a post here in case anybody else needs the info at a later date.

Basically I'd like to configure my Dianemo system to add the following hardware/functions:-

Hauppauge HD-PVR.  Works great in Linuxmce using template 2041, but thats not found in Dianemo.  How to add it?

I have a USB webcam that I was using as a security camera.  I tried adding it as a child of motion as with linuxmce but I'm sure the core is not seeing it now because the green led doesn't come on when plugged in with Dianemo, and it did previously.

My sky digibox was previously being captured with the HD-PVR so I'd like this function back, but also I have a Dusky controller that never worked with linuxmce, and I've heard good things about it with Dianemo.  How to get this up and running?  Also will it interface with MythTV?

My Z-wave stick is not communicating either, I've been through the wiki and everything it said to happen has/did, but it still fails to start up when Dianemo starts and I get the message about reduced functionality.  I believe it may be due to the fact that it doesn't know which port its connected to, but how do I figure this out?  I have 8 USB ports on my core/nervecentre they all have something plugged in to them so how do I know which is the Z-wave stick (Aeon labs).

I've been through the wiki several times and have had success with things like usb-uirt, Y-cam IP camera etc so I'm pretty happy that things are going to work, its just hard work with the upnp not doing it automatically for me  :P

I'm happy to update the wiki when I have all my devices working, so please post any helpful info here and I'll get right onto it.

Many thanks.


Users / Which Graphics Card Do You Use?
« on: November 03, 2011, 10:17:16 pm »
Hi all, I've started a new page in the wiki to document as many graphics cards as I can that are working, specifically regarding HDMI audio.  I would be grateful if you could update this post with your details, specifically:-


the wiki page is:-


Installation issues / MCE USB2 remote not working on MD (10.04)
« on: October 31, 2011, 10:47:42 pm »
I am persevering with my 10.04 install, but the biggest issue at the moment is the lack of the windows MCE usb2 remote functionality on my MD.  SWMBO is getting the hump now, as it works fine with my 8.10 install, but I'm keen to push forward with the 10.04 kernel so its now become urgent in our house!  I have checked the logs, and it appears that the device 107 is spawned correctly, but it doesn't actually respond to any button presses at all.  Is there another place I can check to see if the presses are actually being received?  If I unplug the device and re-plug it, LMCE shows the window to say its re-enabling the MCE_USB2 device.....installing software etc. then shows installing software_done.  Still nothing.  Numerous reboots, or reloading router etc doesn't seem to have any effect.  I tried removing the device from the webadmin, and then plugging it in again.  Same thing, it appears automatically, loads the software etc, but doesn't work. Booting back into 8.10 sees it working fine, so hardware is OK.

Anyone else have this problem, or suggest a resolution?


Users / Apple TV "APPS" coming soon...
« on: October 18, 2011, 09:54:14 pm »
Hi all,

just been reading some interesting threads on several Apple forums, and it seems as though there are big things planned for Apple TV.  It looks as though there may be apps available in the near future that will run on Apple TV.  I was thinking of an orbiter app running on the thing, interfaced with the standard apple remote.  Wouldn't that be cool, not to mention the tiny footprint of the things, and no-fuss installation. (3 cables; power, hdmi, lan)

I have no idea if its feasible, or how much work would need to be done to make it happen....just passing on my thoughts.

Also I believe that Dianemo can stream feeds directly to the apple tv already with their UPnP system, but perhaps TotallyMaxed can explain this better than I.


Installation issues / Failed to start X on MD (new 10.04 install)
« on: October 10, 2011, 04:22:57 pm »

Been giving 10.04 a real thorough go the last couple of days, and it seems to be OK, so I decided to migrate over from 8.10.
I've just run the and booted my MD.  Unfortunately after seeming to boot fine, it stops with the "Failed to start X" error.
I've checked the /var/log/xorg.0.log file and the only error is right at the end :-
(II) Primary Device is: PCI 03@00:00:0
(WW) Falling back to old probe method for v4l
(EE) No devices detected.

Fatal server error:
no screens found

The MD is a Zotac Mag which worked ootb with my 8.10 install.  Should I update the video drivers, or something??  Bearing in mind this is the first time its booted from the newly created image, nothing's been messed with.  I did try the usual apt-get update, and apt-get upgrade, but nothing new was installed, so I guess those commands have already been run in the install script.
The onboard graphics is an Nvidia Ion, so its nothing too new or fancy.

Any suggestions as to where to look next??


Users / New Thin Client
« on: October 04, 2011, 10:37:54 pm »
Just seen these whilst searching for a new fanless thin client.  Not sure if the hardware will work with LinuxMCE, but they look tiny, can pxeboot with some fiddling, and have audio over HDMI.  Might have to get my hands on one and give it a go.  The bare bones ones are only £158 from and less in the states I think.

Maybe a technical bod could take a look and offer some advice before I spend my cash.   ;D


Installation issues / install problems on 10.04
« on: August 30, 2011, 10:01:05 pm »
Encountering strange goings on...!

Just installed kubuntu 10.04 along with LinuxMCE as per the instructions in the wiki:-

All went well, and I managed to get the AV wizard up, setup the required settings etc, and then linuxmce started up for the first time.  Went through the house wizard, or whatever its called to assign z-wave, capture cards etc, and everything was fine, then I had the usual orbiter screen UI2 with alphablending.  First thing I noticed is that there were no flickr pictures in the background, but the internet connection does work, as I can load up web pages from "computing", also my other devices are assigned IP addresses, so I know the dhcp is working, and that the other nic is ok. (had problems with it on 8.10, the R8169 issue).  Anyway, missing flickr aside everything seemed fine.  My problem now is that I rebooted back into 08.10 to check some settings, but now when I boot up 10.04 it stops at "Generating orbiter.....Done"  I can switch to other terminals and see from tty1 "starting launch manager...OK"

No matter what I press, or do linuxmce doesn't want to appear. (been through pressing keys as if the av wizard doesn't appear)
If it log into tty2 and run the, followed by the, after rebooting I get the AV wizard again, followed by the orbiter back on the screen as before, and all my settings from the first house wizard are still there and working.  Rebooting again leaves me with the same problem of linuxmce not loading.  Am I missing some really basic step of the install process, or can I check a log file somewhere to see where its hanging up.  I know the #1 rule is to be patient, so I thought, "sod it, I'll leave it overnight" and in the morning the pc had switched itself off!  Nice one ???

I know that its still in development mode, but loads of people seem to have it working, so I must be missing something here.  I even tried formatting the partition, re-installing kubuntu again and trying it all afresh....still the same.

Any ideas??

Installation issues / HDMI audio...(again!)
« on: August 30, 2011, 09:30:49 pm »
I could use a little help  ;)

After failing for months to get my audio over hdmi with 08.10 I have installed 10.04 on a second partition.  After the usual apt-get updates etc. I downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers, and also the latest Alsa driver.  With all this in place, even before installing the LinuxMCE application, I tried the audio over hdmi.  What this kubuntu version gives me that 08.10 didn't is that in alsamixer I get a second device with 4 channels.  After unmuting them I still get no audio over hdmi....however if I type
aplay -D hw:1,9 /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav then a lady says "Front Center" through my hdmi connected tv.  Great!  Now how do I use this information to tell the system that I want to use this device/channel as my sound output??

After loads of googling, and even a brief trip to the IRC, I gave up and continued with installing LinuxMCE.  All went well (ish) and at the AV wizard I chose HDMI as the audio option.  Problem is there's still no audio over hdmi so there must be a setting or file I have to update to tell Linux that I want my audio sent through the channel mentioned previously...any suggestions?? ???

Users / Sky remote control
« on: June 08, 2011, 09:57:52 pm »
To aid ease of use, I'd like to use the remote control for my sky box and have it pass through the linuxmce system to control the sky HD box. (i.e. capture the ir command via the usbuirt, then send it back out again)  I wanted to add a remote control in the webadmin section "infrared remote controls you will use", but there wasn't one listed for the sky box (any of them) that i could see.

Has anybody already setup a template for a sky remote control, or am I going to have to sit and teach it all the commands from scratch?

I can use my windows remote to control the sky box, and also the gyration remote, which use the "Sky plus codeset".  Can I use this info and create a new remote template from it??



Users / Restart after power failure
« on: June 02, 2011, 01:06:19 pm »
Basically as the thread title really, I want to make my core automatically restart after a power failure in the home.  Is there any way to do this, i.e by wake on lan, as I know the router and switch automatically come on after power is restored, or perhaps a better way that somebody knows?


Matt. :)

Users / Audio - Video Sync.
« on: March 01, 2011, 10:00:13 am »
I have a problem with the audio sync when watching tv on my kitchen MD.  I have a Hauppauge HD-PVR capturing the input signal from the satellite box on the core/hybrid, then LMCE streams it to the kitchen MD.  If I watch it on the core, the audio is in perfect sync with the picture, but on the MD the sound is about 1 second faster.  Its fine watching ripped dvd's or even playing them from the dvd drive in the core, its only the live TV (I'm not using Myth).  I've tried using the analogue stereo output on the MD with pc speakers, and I'm now using the HDMI cable with the TV speakers.  Both the same.

Network is gigabit LAN.

The MD is a Zotac MAG (MAGHD-ND01) which uses the Nvidia ION graphics card.  In Webadmin -> Devices -> the graphics card is set to standard video card.  I know some receivers have a delay option you can set, but I'm using the speakers in the TV, and there is no option there to delay it.

I'm living with it because I only use it to watch the news in the morning when getting ready for work, and mostly just listen, but it annoys me that its not right, so if there's a fix I'd love to sort it.


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