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Users / Solution for automation of bedroom
« on: April 02, 2012, 01:10:50 pm »
I will build with knx in my house, however, I see that there might be cases where knx is too overkill. I will try to solve everything that is highly automated with knx and find other more simple solutions for those other cases. Take the bedroom for example:

I don't need it to interact with anything else than the user in the bedroom.
What I want to achieve is:

- Wake up - Done by remote, Android device or pushbutton - All lights turn on (window-light only if it's dark outside still)
- Alarm clock and light - set the evening before through Android device - Some of the lights in the room is dimmed up during a long time. Sound is played through the
ceiling speakers.
- Go to bed, wait for good-night signal - Done by remote, Android device or pushbutton - pleated blind goes down, ceiling-lights dim out - only window-light and bed-light is on)
- Good-night - Done by remote, Android device or pushbutton - All lights get switched off, if pleated blind isn't already down, get it down.

I thought I had most of it figured out in a quite cheap way.

- Use a Green-I 2-button switch (I think it's controllable by IR-too)
- Connect ceiling lights to one button, bed-light (maybe desk-light too) to the other button.
- Connect a knx-cb before the Green-I
- Let the evening light be connected to same knx-cb as Green-I. In every room there should be a light-sensor connected before the evening-light too. This doesn't have to be knx.
- For automated dimming control of the lights connected to the Green-I there must also be some kind of IR-blaster.

I've find an IR-blaster, but it's very expensive.
The Green-I doesn't go with 230v dimmable LED-lights. I will build up my home with those.

Possible future solutions:
To use the Nexa LED dimmer that comes later this year. The downside to that is that I need a big space in the flush to fit two devices there.
Then I can control it with the Tellstick net from Telldus. With the nexa I also need a push-button-switch.

The worst part is that the Green I comes really cheap on
So I would want to use that everywhere I can in the house  8)

Anyone have some nice input for me?


I got good feedback on the push-buttons for knx in an earlier post. Now I'm about to build the house and look other things that are tried and at a lower price.

What I look for is:

knx-universal-dimmer able to control 230v Dimmable LED-lights (or other inexpensive solution). I've come cross a, hopefully, relatively cheap and hopefully high quality seller of LED-products (downlights, gardenlights, downlights with GU10 fitting) all dimmable and at 230v.

Blind actuator to control motorized projector screen and pleated blinds. Is it possible to control several blinds with same output?

Binary inputs to be able to connect movement sensors, light sensors and leakage sensors I guess still the cheapest way to control these things is to buy non-knx and connect to binary input, right?


Feature requests & roadmap / Android or Iphone media browsing in LinuxMCE
« on: January 15, 2012, 10:17:30 am »

I've been looking for LinuxMCE videobrowsing functionality in the forums, but haven't found any.
What I have found is the weborbiter and the touchorbiters that works as remote control in cool ways,
but what I've been looking for exactly is browsing ON the remote itself with playback on the TV or projector.


Users / Making two gamepads connected to hybrid through one USB work
« on: September 01, 2011, 11:04:28 pm »

Anyone know how I can get these to work? In KDE desktop I can calibrate them without problem, but when starting a NES game in the LinuxMCE game player I can only start the game by pressing left and right and then I can't use them for anything else..


Users / Is it possible to play Amiga ROMS in Linuxmce?
« on: August 28, 2011, 03:40:08 pm »

I'm new to all this, I really like the idea of playing old games through LinuxMCE - Have been playing the old NES games for a while now ;). Now I'm in the mood of playing Amiga games, but in the game dir I can't find Amiga. Isn't it possible to play Amiga ROMS then, or can I make it possible in some way?


Users / Cheap knx push buttons?
« on: March 08, 2011, 10:07:08 am »

I've been through the eibmarkt site and the voltus site, but I think finding things on both of those is hard.
I'm looking for knx push buttons at a good price. I'm mostly looking for 8-fold (8-channel), but of course all types are interesting. The ones I've found with bus coupler included are at around 150 EURO and I thought there must be cheaper ones.

Or is the best way to realize it in a cheaper way to use non knx retractable push buttons with binary inputs?

Best price I've found for binary inputs are 15 EURO per channel - for an 8-fold switch that is 60 EURO and the button switch itself maybe costs 2-30 EURO at best.

Any other ideas?

I'm planning for a central touch panel, so this is only for the lights, curtains/blinds and so on..



Users / Why use a NAS like i.e. Unraid instead of disks in the Core?
« on: February 24, 2011, 07:01:06 pm »
Hi All!

I had another thread that glided into this subject, and I'm curious about the answers.

Please enlighten me :)

Are there some good reasons to build a NAS instead of collecting all the storage on the Core - stronger performance, maybe?

I got the advice to run an Unraid server as NAS, I'm looking into it, but want to be sure first that it has some major advantages.


Hi all!

I'm perplexed about which HA system to use with LinuxMCE when building new house
Until now I've just seen wired solutions as the only option. I thought Knx was too expensive so I wanted to go with industrial PLC.

A few days ago I watched this video:

After that I started thinking maybe wireless isn't so bad. He uses Z-wave. Before I've been of the opinion that wireless won't do the trick as the "air-space" is limited and is being filled up with communication of more and more devices over time. I see the possibility of future interruptions, among other things. A wired solution with it's own bus is likely to be more reliable.. Or?

Please help me choose.
I want to keep it simple, but still reliable. My home will be VERY automated, so it's important it works as it should at all times. And I wouldn't want to shut any doors for the future.
In Sweden, when reading in home automation forums, people sometimes suggest wireless home automation, but when building new house, they still advice you to install empty cable tubes/hoses for a future installation of wired system..

Of course, cost is also an aspect. I can see that Knx is very expensive. X10 is very much cheaper, but as a wired solution it's not reliable enough in Sweden with having 3-phase system.

Maybe I should also add that we have 230V feeding in Sweden too.

X10 wireless? Z-wave? Zigbee? I'm very confused.. And when building new house one wouldn't want to do the mistake of not installing a wired system if that is what the future holds, and if a wireless isn't reliable enough..


Users / Ripping music and video from CD and DVD for future LinuxMCE system
« on: February 13, 2011, 11:56:34 am »
Hi all!

I will use a LinuxMCE system in my future house, but that is over a year in the future. However I would like to rip all my movie-dvd's and music cd's to an empty drive that I'm supposed to install in the core later on.

Is there anything in particular I should think about when doing this? Filesystem? Folder structure? Acually having LinuxMCE installed on the drive?

Anything that can help. I'm a newbie :S

As for now I haven't even been able to try LinuxMCE since I only have Mac's in my home.

I would like as high quality as possible, so for the music I'm thinking FLAC.

Thank you!


Users / Questions about LinuxMCE for my future automated home
« on: January 15, 2011, 07:44:24 am »
In the future (1,5-2 years) I will build a house and looking to use LinuxMCE as the core to my home automation system, which will also consist of An ethernet network, a plc-system (Kinco, and all the sensors (temp, prescence, inductive, smoke, humidity, twilight, etc.) and appliances (garage door motor, blind motor, shutters, led dimmers, etc.) and of course a sound system with multi-zone amplifier and built in ceiling/wall speakers..

I am new to all this and may come with some dumb questions, but I'm trying to learn ;)

I wondering about the Media Directors - Do I need them if I have LCD-tv's with ethernet-port and DLNA?

It would be nice to skip them out in some way (having the tv as the only unit).. But if they're necessary anyway I guess there's some nice way to mount them on the back of the tv, right? :)

A few more questions - Does anyone know if this HMI, , have support to run touch orbiter? (Maybe if it can have WindowsCE installed?) I have a price of around 150 USD for them, so it would be great :D

Will 4,2" be too small to use touch orbiter?


Feature requests & roadmap / Control PLC with LinuxMCE?
« on: October 29, 2010, 09:38:59 pm »
Hi all!

I read in an old thread about this and wonder if there's been a plugin written for this.

Since I am in housebuilding-thoughts and like the idea of controlling my home in every way possible, and also to keep the costs for it down, I tend to draw to the PLC direction. Logic-diagrams is nothing new to me, but I have never programmed a plc myself, however, I intend to learn how to :)

As I've heard there are plc-systems with which it is possible to control almost everything in a household - and to a much lower price than other systems such as eib / knx, lcn etc.

One pointed me to linuxMCE as the perfect platform to control your house with - and that's why I'm here! :)

Does anyone know if there is a price-worth plc-system with dimmer-outputs, web-integration among other things that it's possible to control through linuxMCE?

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