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Users / Webadmin takes 10 mins to respond to clicking on AV Equipment
« on: January 02, 2011, 06:44:59 pm »
I have had an issue for months now, whereby if i have any AV devices added to my system and click on the AV Equipment link on the lmce admin site, its takes 10 mins to return any data...the browser just sits waiting for data to return....

It always does respond but literally it can take 10 mins or more.  Given all the problems i have had with my Denon box ( now resolved ), this issue has been driving me mad recently...

The same issue occurs should i click directly on any of the AV devices via the device tree....clicking on non av devices is fine....

Very weird, but very very frustrating.

Wonder if anyone else is experiencing a similar issue or might know whats going on ?


Users / Denon 2310 stopped working and no longer being detected
« on: December 30, 2010, 08:17:06 pm »
I have a Denon 2310 connected via a usb to serial cable and its been running fine for a number of months now...however in the last two weeks it has stopped working completely.  It wont respond to any commands from linuxmce and after deleting it as a device it is no longer being detected.  I have replaced the cable in order to rule that in or out and the same issue is occurring.

I noticed a similar thread relating to a Yamaha RX-1600 not being detected ( ) and wonder if anything might be up with the PnP system at the moment, prob just my system but baffled as to what could have changed.

I do update my system regularly using apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade and am running on latest release



Users / Problems with Denon 2310 - Video source drops
« on: October 16, 2010, 12:46:45 pm »
Hi, just started using Linuxmce recently.  Its great and thanks to all those working on it!

I am using a Denon 2310 with an MD, the MD video is connected via HDMI to the HDMI2 connector ( HDP source ) on the denon, while the audio is connected via SPDif to Opt1 on the denon.  I am also using a USB -> RS232 cable from the MD to the 2310 for control.  I use HDMI output from the denon to a samsung tv (1080p).   

The denon device was auto detected as the A1SRA and mostly works fine.  The one problem i have is everytime i play a movie, the HDMI icon on the front of the denon indicating the video source disappears and then the denon drops the video source from the MD, i.e. i get no video output from the denon to the tv.  The audio continues just fine...

If i use the denon remote control to switch to another source such as DVD, and then switch back to the HDP source, the MD Video is back and i can watch my movie ( hdmi icon on the denon box also now displays ).  However if i stop the movie, as soon as the MD returns to the 'desktop' / GUI....again the picture drops out.  I then have to repeat switching of the source to DVD and back to HDP to get it to return.

I have played with the Denon menus and tried all sorts of configurations but no joy, this continues to happen.

Anyone any ideas ? 



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