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Users / Laptop as media-director AND orbiter at the same time
« on: September 28, 2010, 02:00:37 pm »
Hi to all,
Imagine me, 61 years old, new to Linux but very happy with it. This is my situation: We are building our new little home. Cat5 or Cat6 all around the place. A nice new flat-screen, lots of mp3's and video's on disk, a few laptops in the house, a decent audio system still to choose, but thats not the prob. I have been reading about LMCE for the last few weeks and made a choice: thats where we will go.
Build a decent hybrid in the "office" and connect it to TV and Audio-system (just at the other side of the wall of the office). I must be able to get that running. Now my question(s): I would like NOT to invest in more media directors/TV's/orbiters right now. So I would like to use one of the laptops as an orbiter for the Hybrid. That cannot be a big problem , but.....I would also like to take that laptop to -lets say- the verandah, plug it in the network connection there, netboot it, and use it as a media-director WITHOUT  external TV/Audio attached to it. Just have the laptop running, playing whatever TV program I choose on that same laptop. In that way I can use my laptop whereever I am to watch sports, not on a big screen, not with fancy sound, but at least I can watch it. So actually I am using that laptop as a media-director to its own screen and as an orbiter for the hybrid at the same time. Is this possible, or am I too old for this?

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