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Feature requests & roadmap / Can QOS be added?
« on: September 19, 2010, 03:24:12 pm »
I would love to jump on board with this distribution for my home... I currently run mythtv and love the features but would love some of the addtional features to be added (x10 etc). 

My current networking setup is what is needed and I was wondering if myth can fill that roll.

cable modem --- DDWrt (no wifi) -- switch -- devices --- mythbox doing DHCP/DNS and OpenVpn..
                                                    |__ wifi off of switch
I would Love to have Cable modem linuxmce to the rest of the home, but am concerend about call quality with out QOS being configured on my internal network (my cable modem is at 384x8m).

Is there a simple way to do QOS on LinuxMce?

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