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I started to experiment with the Z-Wave net and have one problem. The Z-wave net consists currently of two components:TrickleStar 300ZW-EU controller and duewi dimmer. I installed it by doing following steps:
1. Defined a Z-wave net using MAC widget.
2. Plugged in the TrickleStar 300ZW into LinuxMCE 810 machine.
3. Added Z-wave interface in webadmin.
4. added a new device in lights in webadmin.
5. did a quick reload.
On this point i was able to controll the dimmer from linuxmce machine. It seemed to be working fine.

The problem is that after approximately one minute message saying "running detection script" displayed. It ran some detection scripts such as 20_DENON... 20_OLEVIAtv... and so on and after that the I wasn't able to control the dimmer from the linuxmce machine.

So now the each time after i do a quick reload a have about one minute in which i have control over my z-wave device, then linumce runs "running detection script" and after that i can not control the z-wave device.

The question is how can I debug this problem, i.e. can i look in some log files and find out what causes to lmce to run the detection scripts each time?

Thanks a lot for the help.

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