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Users / Error Creating Child Device
« on: August 07, 2010, 11:01:14 am »

Am a newbie, and I have LinuxMCE 7.10 Version: running as a Core only.

Machine boots straight into LinuxMCE, and I can login to the admin page fine.

Problem is, when I try and add a file server, or orbiter, (or any Child Device) to the Core, I get the following error:

ERROR: Error creating device. Be sure LinuxMCE is running.

Any suggestions as to whats going on, and what can fix this issue ?


Installation issues / Multiport Serial
« on: June 21, 2010, 10:15:01 pm »

What are you suggestions on options for Multi Serial Ports in my LinuxMCE Core ?

PCI card (Rocketport that compatable with LinuxMCE?)
USB To Multiport Serial - Can you suggestion a model that will plug and play with LinuxMCE ?  8 RS-232 pref..?


Installation issues / USB Ethernet Adapter.
« on: May 17, 2010, 03:43:11 pm »

Can anyone suggest / recommend a USB to Ethernet adapter for my (in design stage) Linux MCE core ?

I will be using a Dell Optiplex 755 Desktop (not sff) for the Core, and that only has one NIC (10/100/1000) which will be fine for the "inside" network.

I don't want to use up of the 3 (1 x PCIe, 2 x PCI) slots for a second NIC, and given the my home internet connection is the bottle neck to the outside world, I don't need Gig to the DSL router, 10 or 100 meg will do.

So any suggestions for a USB to Ethernet adpter that will work (out of the box pref) on the Gutsy install of Linux MCE ?

Thanks for your time.


Installation issues / Advice For Newbie.
« on: May 13, 2010, 01:28:38 pm »

Firstly - thanks to all dev's and users - LinuxMCE looks pretty damn awesome to me.  I only have it running in a VM for now, I just wanted to sort out any install issues first - but got it running like a dream (of course this doesn't counter any HW issues I come across with the main install, but its a good start).

My main question here is around Blu-Ray support, but I'll give you some thoughts around my install plan first.

 - Core - Will be built on a Dell Optpliex 755 with 4 gig mem, 160gig HDD, and 2 x 10/100/1000 NIC's, just using the on-board Intel GPU as this will not be a media player as well - just the Core.
 - Media - Will move all media (pics, music, films, etc) to a NAS of some sort (TBC) and let LinuxMCE catalogue - feel free to recommend a NAS (rack mount would be best, even self build - please point me in the right direction).
 - Hook it all together through a gig switch (cabling to be rolled out in the next couple of weeks).
 - I have the network layout sorted.  Am Network/Security engineer, and the suggested architecture looks spot on to me.
 - Get an ASUS eee, strip out the HDD, get the PXE boot working, and hook up HDMI to a test TV.

Bang - done, that easy ;-)

Assuming this all works, how do I then sort out my Blu-Ray wants and needs....?  Networks is my thing, not Unix/Linux or other user/server systems....

Is there a compatible BR drive I can stick in the Core and stream out BR HD from there ?  Or can I get the Media Director playing BR from its own drive (assuming I can get one with a BR drive) ?  My thoughts are the latter would be better, as then the processing overhead is taken off the core and placed on the Media Director.  I plan to eventually use the Core for full home automation, so it makes sense to me to take as much load off it as possible.

From what I've googled I understand that Blu-Ray is a bit "up in the air" where Linux and LinucMCE is concerned.

Please advise and comment on any of the above.

Sorry if this post is in the wrong place or/and a bit long winded.

Thanks for your time.


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