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Installation issues / failed RAID1
« on: May 22, 2010, 08:53:20 am »
i got my other 2tb hard drive and am attempting to set them in a RAID1 setup, they are connected through a software RAID card, i do not have a RAID setup through its BIOS, i followed the wiki instructions when i go to build the RAID it just comes back as "degraded, rebuilding" and refreshing the page comes back as "failed". i followed the troubleshooting steps on the wiki, but i'm still having an issue, when i run "sudo mdadm --stop /dev/md1", i get "mdadm: error opening /dev/md1: No such device or address" in return, i have rebuilt the partition and formated each drive in EXT3 multiple times and it refuses to work...

any suggestions are welcome.


Installation issues / few issues...
« on: May 14, 2010, 02:07:00 am »
i'm still trying to figure everything out and i'm sorry if i'm asking stupid/overly answered questions.

how do i stop my core from starting as a MD or Orbiter?

when i open a video, i get an error, "[JACK] cannot open server" and then "[OpenAL] could not open device" and then the MPlayer closes.

i added a soft RAID card and a 2tb hard drive, during the wizard LMCE did find the drive and asked about using it do i access it? i have a 320gb drive for the system and i'm planning on adding another 2tb drive for mirroring and use it for media and backup but i can't find it :-\

and a question about network setup, the only way i can really setup the core and network is to have the internet line coming into a router, that i will setting to bridge mode so i can have a wireless AP, and then to the core on a 10/100 NIC, and then from a 1000 NIC i installed in the core to a gigabit switch and then out to the rest of the network, can i do that? or does the wireless AP have to be after the core?

the reason behind this is because i have my core upstairs and want my wireless AP with it to get the best signal throughout the house, but i'm putting my gigabit switch in the basement so i can more easily run cable through the rest of the house, so my only other options would be to have the wireless AP behind the core, which will kill the gigabit connection, or have the wireless AP in the basement and possibly have poor signal upstairs.

any help is welcome, thank you.

and a big thanks to the developers involved in LMCE, you are really doing amazing stuff here  ;D

Installation issues / 810 b2 install help...[solved]
« on: April 29, 2010, 07:35:25 pm »
please bear in mind that i'm very new to Linux, and i apologize for that...

i ran the DVD install snapshot from April the 27th, used "install LinuxMCE" (or however it was worded) made it to the KDE desktop, ran the updates, rebooted, ran the script from the desktop, then the reboot after that is where i'm having issues...

it reboots, i get the Kubuntu splash screen, then i start seeing PCIE errors (non-fatal). then the screen goes black and my monitor starts switching between "digital/analog" then goes into sleep, i read that you have to press 1 to get DVI to activiate, which i did, but it just brings the screen back to the PCIE errors and then goes back again.

anyway to recover from this? or do i have to reinstall again?


after thought: i'm assuming the PCIE errors are referring to my video, it's just a BFG nVidia 8500 GT i believe, should i try installing the restricted driver before running the LinuxMCE script?

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