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Hi im looking for a smaller Core/Hybrid with power usage 30-60 watt.
It's only for one tv maybe in the future one MD.

My setup right now:
pentium 4
3gb ram
Nvidia 9600 gt
Usb-serial connected to receiver.
Sound using spdif to receiver
HDMI to receiver
I'm using Mythtv connecting to a Hd-Homerun.

New Setup thoughts is:
Small pc like an eee-pc, zotac or mac mini or something like that.
Usb-serial connected to receiver.
HDMI to receiver with both sound and video
Mythtv connecting to a Hd-Homerun.
Maybe an blu ray drive.

Fore my setup is it not necessary fore 2 NIC's
Hope some of you have a good idea for such core/hybrid :)

Users / [SOLVED]VDR on MD Channel not available
« on: August 01, 2010, 09:41:35 pm »
Hi I need some help to to find out why I get this message on the MD, Channel not available.

I have setup the Channels.conf on the MD, the same way i have on my core/hybrid.

The VDR is working fine on the core/hybrid.

This is some of the setup.conf on the core

streamdev-server.AllowSuspend = 1
streamdev-server.HTTPBindIP =
streamdev-server.HTTPServerPort = 3000
streamdev-server.HTTPStreamType = 2
streamdev-server.IGMPBindIP =
streamdev-server.IGMPClientPort = 1234
streamdev-server.IGMPStreamType = 0
streamdev-server.MaxClients = 6
streamdev-server.ServerPort = 2004
streamdev-server.StartHTTPServer = 1
streamdev-server.StartIGMPServer = 0
streamdev-server.StartServer = 1
streamdev-server.SuspendMode = 0
svdrpservice.ConnectTimeout = 2
svdrpservice.ReadTimeout = 5
svdrpservice.ServerIp =
svdrpservice.ServerPort = 2001

This is the setup.conf
streamdev-client.HideMenuEntry = 0
streamdev-client.MaxPriority = 99
streamdev-client.MinPriority = -1
streamdev-client.RemoteIp =
streamdev-client.RemotePort = 2004
streamdev-client.StartClient = 1
streamdev-client.StreamFilters = 1
streamdev-client.SyncEPG = 1
svdrpservice.ConnectTimeout = 2
svdrpservice.ReadTimeout = 5
svdrpservice.ServerIp =
svdrpservice.ServerPort = 2001

and this is the channels.conf it is the same on the core as on the MD.
DR 1:346:M64:C:6900:2310:2311:2319:0:231:0:0:0
TV 2:346:M64:C:6900:2370:2371:2379:0:237:0:0:0
TV 2 Zulu:514:M256:C:6900:1220:1221:1229:0:1122:0:0:0
DR 2:346:M64:C:6900:2320:2321:2329:0:232:0:0:0
DR Update:266:M256:C:6900:2510:2511:2519:0:1251:0:0:0
DR K:274:M256:C:6900:980:981:989:0:1098:0:0:0
DR Ramasjang:274:M256:C:6900:990:991:999:0:1099:0:0:0
DR HD:274:M256:C:6900:0:1651;1652:1659:0:1165:0:0:0
NatGeo HD :322:M256:C:6900:0:1541:0:1:154:0:0:0
VH1 Classic Europe :426:M256:C:6900:1460:1461:0:1:146:0:0:0
TV 2 Charlie :418:M256:C:6900:2030:2031:2039:1:203:0:0:0

Hope some one can help me out.

Users / How to change what keys does on remote ? VDR EPG issue.
« on: April 18, 2010, 09:52:05 pm »
Hi, my issue is in VDR the red,green,yellow,blue and back buttons is not working in the EPG.

Insted the yellow is light and volume and i what it to reakt ind VDR instad of the linuxmce.

Users / Media Scenarios, problems with rs232 commands to receiver
« on: April 18, 2010, 08:05:35 pm »
Hey I having some issues with rs232 commands and Media Scenarios.

Audio Media Scenario:
What im trying to achiv, power on my receiver, setup receiver to stereo, sho file list.
What happens:
Power on my receiver and MH Play Media, but now Stereo

Tv Media Scenario:
What im trying to achiv, power on my receiver, setup receiver to Neural THX, MH Play Media.
What happens:
Power on my receiver and MH Play Media, but now Neural THX

All my rs232 commands ar working, i have tried to send them to the receiver thrug the linuxmce admin page.

What i think happens is the receiver is getting the Stereo or Neural THX command to fast after power comman to the resiver.

Is ther away to insert a break like 2 second befor sending the Stereo or Neural THX command ?
exsample: Power on receiver, whait to seconds, Stereo , Show file list.

Users / How to view Version of linuxmce! And upgrade it to the newest
« on: April 07, 2010, 03:13:49 pm »
Hey linuxmce guys.

I have been running linuxmce 8.10 in some time now, but im not shure if im running the B2 or the beta.

I what to know how to see what version of linuxmce im running ? what is the terminal command for that or
how to se it on the linuxmce webadmin ?

This page is showing the newest updates, but how to upgrade.

I tryede to upgrade it whith thes commands but no look, the only thing it picked up was Nvidia driver.
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Hope you can help me :)

Eypone Denmark

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