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Users / Best practise for backup your Core and MD clients
« on: May 10, 2010, 10:29:46 am »
Just curious how people have solved there backups on there systems.

Do people just use an rsync script?


Installation issues / LinuxMCE+DSC 5589?
« on: April 13, 2010, 11:37:52 am »
Just currious have anyone installed DSC5580 voice/X10 module with linux mce?
would be nice to use the alarm for voice confirmation!

like "Dimming up 100% in bahroom"
just need to put amped speakers round the house  :P

BTW Does anyone know if you can show room temp in the alarm panels?
(from 1wire sensors or similar)


Users / **Need Input** Newbie building [Hard]core server
« on: April 07, 2010, 12:07:18 pm »
I have followed the progress of LinuxMCE for a couple of years now.I am a totally noob when i comes to Linux so i have't really got in to LMCE. But now I can hold back my eager to learn how to build any more. I would like to try  put up my first complete system. I'm building a new house so I can do all adjustments that's needed to totally automate!! (as much as possible) :) Will use about 30 X10 devices. [DIN sockets] to start with. I got me a full hight Rittal Rack, were I can  put all the gears. ::)

So I finally will start to build my 1st Coreserver. 
Now would I need you gurus to give me some advices and input how to build an Ultimate core server!

To start with have bought a Koolance 4u rack chassi. [watercooled]
and pre orded the following mobo Gigabyte GA-M720-US3 via an AMD Athlon2 X3 435 2,9Ghz, AM3,

Do anyone any experence of this CPU and mobo togeher with LMCE?

I'm not sure what kind of storage I gone use. I planned to have an parallel windows environment running on an separate ESXi server.
So It would be great to have an ISCSI solution.

Is it possible to integrate FreeNAS in LMCE?
And then from the ESXI server run the virtual disks at the core server?
Or maybe it's better to have a separate storage server/solution?

Please advice an linux noob as me!

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