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Users / Help needed in specific configuration
« on: March 15, 2010, 12:21:44 pm »
Hello, i have been talking in the IRC channel, and so I will copy here what I've said there. Hope someone can help. Thanks

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[11:12:46]  <jonaspaulo_> lets say i have a 4 switch openwrt board with a sensor connected via spi or uart
[11:13:02]  <jonaspaulo_> how can i integrate the sensor with linuxMCE?
[11:13:23]  <jonaspaulo_> i mean i plug via ethernet the core to one ethernet port on the switch
[11:13:33]  <jonaspaulo_> but afterwards how do i access the sensor data
[11:14:02]  <jonaspaulo_> lets assume the processing of data is already passed through the spi to the ethernet port
[11:14:08]  <possy> jonaspaulo_, open up a thread in the forum. I am sure hari will have some information for you
[11:14:17]  <jonaspaulo_> kk
[11:14:19]  <jonaspaulo_> will do
[11:14:24]  <jonaspaulo_> cause my project
[11:14:37]  <jonaspaulo_> has sensors connected to various openwrt boards
[11:14:52]  <jonaspaulo_> like zigbee which i talked to TSCHAKeee2  about
[11:15:02]  <jonaspaulo_> possibly trying to do some drivers for it
[11:15:12]  <jonaspaulo_> like bluetooth with an ethernet bridge also
[11:15:16]  <jonaspaulo_> a vga cam
[11:15:20]  <jonaspaulo_> and some wireless sensors
[11:15:36]  <jonaspaulo_> but none has really and outgoing connection like usb or rs232
[11:15:45]  <jonaspaulo_> and instead are connected directly to the openwrt board
[11:16:13]  <jonaspaulo_> the goal was to integrate all this in linuxmce

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