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Dear community members,

we are building a house and even my whife ("don't you dare touching my Vista-Notebook with that Linux stuff") is convinced of the awsome features and possibillities of Linux MCE. As it's too late (and too expensive ;-) ) to use complete bus system from the beginning (start of construction is in 4 weeks) I would like to prepare as much KNX/EIB wiring as possible/affordable. Therefore I kindly ask for your comments and suggestions! What we will do is CAT6 wiring into almost every single room. So at least we will have streaming media and voip everywhere.

Here is what I'm planning to do with the bus system in the final stage (maybe in 3-5 years or so):
- Controlling the inner Lights (mostly dimmable Spotlights integrated into the ceiling)
- Controlling the decentralized ventilating system integrated into the walls
- Maybe switching some power sockets as well
- Controlling the outer Lights and maybe things like a lawn sprinkler - who knows?
- maybe infrared sensors (By the way are there sensors that keep the light on even if I'm reading/working for an hour or so and realize the difference between a human and our cat?)
- a panic button to turn on all lights
- a "sleepmode button" to set the whole house to "power save mode" while nobody is at home
- and who knows what else... :-)

As mentioned above I'm planning to put a KNX/EIB wire into every wall and into the ceilings so I will have the possibillity to connect to it everywhere. I have some questions:

For later easy replacement of the standard switches by KNX/EIB switches I'm thinking of laying a bus wire directly to each button. Is that a good idea or am I completely wrong?

What kind of topology is needed? Where would you put the wires? Where the actors? I've attached a plan of our ground floor to have something to discuss about. Please feel free to paint on it where you would put which wires.

- Green X: "server room" ;-)
- RED A-C: lighting that schould be controlled separately (all of A; all of B; ...)
- Pink S: switches that are traditional switches first but should be replaced by KNX/EIB switches later.
- Blue D: Ventillation system
(of course these are only examples. Hopefully we will have light in our bath, too ;-) )

Is there a possibillity to use some kind of wireless bridge to expand the bus system into the garden and put wires from there to the actors or should I already put a bus wire through the outer wall?

I read through various german forums on KNX/EIB but the guys there didn't seem to be very helpful. The answers to similar newbie questions sounded pretty much like "We are Professionals, go read some books about it, build a complete bus house from the beginning and maybe THEN come back". That somewhat didn't satisfy me... ;-)

Please, any help would be appreciated. Plus: the better my planning is, the easyer would it be to convince my wife of new expansion stages later. She would kill me if I'd tell her in say 2-3 years "of course you can dimm the lights with that PDA but I have to open all walls and the complete ceiling to insert some kilometers of wiring first". ;-)

I really hope you can help us. Kind regards and greetings from Berlin

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