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I installed the latest beta2 (new-install-latest.tar.gz from 22-Jan-2010) via the internet as per the instructions on the wiki but am running into a problem with the pluto-orbiter package.

Running ./ gives the message that pluto-orbiter failed due to missing dependencies (missing pluto-avwizard) and I have to Ctrl-C to get out of it. I also get the same thing when running /usr/pluto/bin/

I've tried to manually install pluto-avwizard, but it depends on pluto-xine-player which I also cannot install manually as I get the message "package pluto-xine-player has no installation candidate".  I've verified that
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deb intrepid release
is in /etc/apt/sources.list as per the thread at but it still won't work.

I've also confirmed my network settings as per, but that hasn't helped either.

I have the feeling something is missing in /etc/apt/sources.list, or it's not properly connecting to one of the sources listed.  Does anyone know what the source is for pluto-xine-player?  I've searched the forums, the wiki and google but can't seem to find anything. Any suggestions are appreciated as I'd love to get this going.


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