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Installation issues / [SOLVED] 8.10 beta 2 - installation problems
« on: December 22, 2009, 08:02:29 pm »
I have been trying for 2 days to get linuxmce 8.10 setup on the box i just built for my core/md hybrid.

here's the specs:

ASUS P5Q-EM mobo (has built-in hdmi)
INTEL 3.0 GHZ E8400
Hauppauge 1600 1199
PNY NVIDIA Geforce 9800GT 1GB
WD Black 1 TB
Silverstone Lascala Case


Before i purchased and installed the PNY NVIDIA 9800GT, using vga moniter and regular audio
Installed kunbuntu 8.10 from dvd
Installed linuxmce from internet
Setup linuxmce using static video option and the greetings video's with the lady played fine.
ripped a dvd to hd
played that dvd fine

so now drumroll, i tried to get it setup to work with my 42-inch Samsung LCD over hdmi.
rebooted machine and held shift
AVWizard started, setup with DVD/HDMI 1, and HIGH video settings - OpenGL.blabla
Rebooted and Failed to start X
relaunched AVWizard from commandline
Chose the static overlay low video settings again.
I was not happy with graphics

Went to Bestbuy and purchase the PNY NVIDIA Geforce 9800GT 1GB.
Installed and still had problems.
Finally edited the /boot/grub/menu.1st and added vmalloc=256MB, because i read and it seemed that the hauppauge 1600 was loading before the graphics card and stealing the memory
installed the NVIDIA 190.53 drivers thru commandline

" wget"
"sh "

launched AVWizard, selected HDMI and High Graphics again.
Rebooted and Orbiter Generated fine, viola fliker pictures floating by and nice transparent menus.

Now the problem is video, and dvd's.
open the dvd drive and pop in a movie, then it says disc loaded and the name of the movie.
however when i select play from the Manage Drives or from the Video menu, it just flashes briefly and the flicker pictures keeps rolling
i move the mouse and there is a big white play/pause button and mute button in bottom right corner.
so i go back to the setup wizard, now the greeting video's with the lady will not play. no video's will play.
spent couple hours researching online and trying stuff via commandline. NO SUCESS

So then i decide maybe i just need to reload,
I select the Install Linuxmce from the DVD this time and followed the steps
more of same problems, never got far enough to get orbiter to generate

So then i decided to reload Kubuntu 8.10 from the dvd and then do the internet installation like the first time.
before i ran the linuxmce install scripts, i figured i would try to get the kubuntu installation to play a dvd first.
did all of the same steps
aptitude update
aptitude dist-upgrade
aptitude upgrade
sudo apt-get install linux-restricted-extras

tried to play dvd from mplayer and got a video out -vo error. tried most of the drivers under the preferences of mplayer and still no success.
checked the nvidia server program under settings and it had all the information for my graphics card and i adjusted the overscan a little to see everything on the screen.

Also i have not been able to get any audio over the hdmi. ( i attached the spdif jumper from the mobo to the 9800gt)

i 've played with motherboard settings, i changed the audio setting to SPDIF out instead of hdmi. and tried the PEG:PCI option.
I really don't know what i need to set bios options.

SO AFTER almost 2 days straight of working on this, but I'm back at square 1. Please someone have the answer or suggestions.  :-\

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