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Installation issues / numerous problems installing lmce..
« on: December 15, 2009, 08:49:08 pm »
Hi there, I'm a newbee so maybe some of my questions are a bit stupid   :-X
I tried to find solutions for several installation isseus but did not find ones that quite fit (however.. I havn't read the over 100 pages of topics  ::) )

I intend to install MCE 8.10 on a brand new machine and the following problems occured:

-(trying the DVD install) Installation almost completes but fail at the end reporting GRUB install failed
Then I tried to first install Kubuntu 8.10 (wich worked fine) and proceed with the 2 CD's for lmce. I get the message 'caching cd' wich takes about 5 minutes, then the installer just dissapears.

- I get the problem that my HDMI television won't stay the primary display, at some step during the installation the screen turns black en stays so. If I connect a regular pc monitor this problem doesn't occur
- when I tried to use a beamer instead, the resolution jumped instantly to over 3200, causing text to be unreadable and thus making further troubleshooting a no-go

I spended many hours trying to install, so a few good tips would come in welcome!

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