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Installation issues / pluto-orbiter failed to install?
« on: December 03, 2009, 10:13:05 am »
During ./ I get the message that pluto-orbiter failed to install due to missing dependencies, notably pluto-avwizard and xine-ui.

Obviously orbiter doesn't start up. It's a hybrid setup with a fresh install of 8.10 (internet install). When X starts I get some huge text flashing on the screen "installing" a bunch of packages (including the ones mentioned above). And then a blank screen. avwizard has never appeared at any point.

I've manually installed pluto-avwizard, xine-ui, and pluto-orbiter, which seemed successful, and when it boots into X I get a window with the title "Failed to connect to DCE router"?

How do I fix this, and how can I make avwizard start so that I can make the appropriate settings?

Installation issues / Graphics problems / Orbiter not starting
« on: November 30, 2009, 10:40:16 pm »
Trying to get 8.10 beta installed on what is intended to be my hybrid machine. I got kubuntu 8.10 desktop installed fine, then did the internet installation of 8.10 beta (I did this last night - 01:00 GMT 30/11/09, would this have got me beta1 or beta2?).

I get to the first setup screen and hit my first problem - when I choose screen res of 1280x1024 (native resolution of the 15" monitor attached), the display goes oversized and crops off the right hand and lower section (it looks like the screen is showing part of a 1280x1024 image on a 1024x768 screen). Can't find anyway around that yet, so I'm limited to 1024x768, at least til I get setup enough to swap to the tv screen.

2nd problem - the orbiter loaded correctly when set to UI1 but when I changed to UI2 (with alpha blending), it got stuck with "orbiter failed to setup transparency", so I dropped back to UI2 (overlay), and then I got "Error: Orbiter failed to initialize OpenGL". UI2 with alpha blending was working fine with v7.10, so I know the hardware is capable of it.

Now I've just tried to do "apt-get update" and "apt-get dist-upgrade" to see if that fixed anything (is it any different to "aptitude update", which I'd already done?), and now the orbiter fails to start without any error message - I just have a blank screen with the mouse pointer.

What should I try next?
Maybe I should go back to 7.10, but I need to setup partitions manually and dual boot, and I don't think 7.10 can do that?

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