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Users / MD Hardware Help
« on: October 19, 2009, 06:12:00 pm »

I am really new to LinuxMCE, but I am ready to get knee deep into it.  I do have some questions though before I make the final 'Go-Ahead' decision.  I basically know what kind of hardware I will get for my Core, but I am confused about what I need for my MDs.  I want to be able to display 1080p movies on my TV, but according to the wiki, the MD's CPU does the decoding, which requires a lot of processing power.  But I have also read that some media players support GPU processing via VDPAU, and that would allow me to get a really small nettop as an MD.  Which is correct?  Is there one media player that LinuxMCE uses, do I use different media players based on what kind of content (music, movies, TV, etc.), or do I choose one media player that can support VDPAU?  Thanks for the help!

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