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Installation issues / 0810 - MD HDD Install?
« on: October 26, 2009, 10:00:52 am »
I have following issue.
Since the weekend my 0810 core server is working well. Now i tried to start installing my first MD, but i noticed that only netboot is supported for a MD only device. But i would like to use a local clean MD install. The first MD is a small kitchen Zotac ION ATOM PC with a kitchen cabinet touchscreen and only with the possibility of wifi connection. wifi and netboot does not work. Also i need to install the tochscreen drivers.
How can i install the MD client like in 0710? Or can i use the 0810 core with a 0710 MD?

I'm sorry for my "noob" questions in advance but it's my first experience with LinuxMCE and i'm also not very firmly with linux in general.

Thanks for your help

Edit: One question more, why i can't install only a dedicated core? My core PC does not need the full installation but 0810 does not have any option to choose CORE/MD/Hybrid. Just one way installation is given. I think it was a good solution in 0710 to choose the install routine.

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