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Users / hnow to update a module ?
« on: October 13, 2009, 06:37:00 am »
i m running linuxmce 710 and want to update the module saa7134 whitout updating the kernel. How can i do it?

Users / grub - second OS
« on: October 10, 2009, 06:56:55 pm »
i have instaled a second hard drive whit another so, but grub didn t realize (i can start it if i change boot priority)
how can i do that grub gyvme the choice?

Users / help to choose a tuner
« on: October 08, 2009, 07:32:05 pm »
i have problems finding a tuner that works whit linuxmce
(bought a shappire ati tv wonder, but dindn t work because they changed the chipset)

i m in argentina and need an analog tuner - PAL
i ve searched evrywhere any hauppage 150,250,500,1200,... anything... but can t find it

options are: (just choose ramdonly from
encore tv tuner pro (enl tv-fm) usd30
kworld plus tv lite (pci) usd31
Kworld Tvbox 1680 Ex Esp. Wide 22 usd75
avermedia tv  boxw9 usd139
avermedia tv dvi box7 usd163

cheaper is better
any ideas?

Users / basic tv connection
« on: October 01, 2009, 04:06:16 pm »
I have and old-and-good sony 21' whit some basic inputs (a/v components)
can i connect it to the lnuxmce core? how, through the video card exit? can i control the tv whit the usbuirt device?

Users / Need help whit tv card
« on: September 29, 2009, 06:57:39 am »
Hi all, i can t get my ati tv wonder to be find in linuxmce 710
first of all, sorry about my english!

when i put lspci i get
03:07.0 Multimedia controller: Philips Semiconductors SAA7130 Video Broadcast Decoder (rev 01)

so it seems to detect it wrong (ati tv uses bttv)

root@dcerouter:~# lsmod |grep saa
saa7134               148308  0
video_buf              30084  2 saa7134,bttv
compat_ioctl32         11136  2 saa7134,bttv
ir_kbd_i2c             11536  1 saa7134
ir_common              38916  3 saa7134,bttv,ir_kbd_i2c
videodev               31360  2 saa7134,bttv
v4l2_common            21888  4 saa7134,bttv,compat_ioctl32,videodev
v4l1_compat            15364  3 saa7134,bttv,videodev
i2c_core               30208  7 saa7134,bttv,i2c_algo_bit,tveeprom,ir_kbd_i2c,nvidia,i2c_nforce2

i tried to rmmod saa7130 but it don t find it,
so i search in /proc/modules and find

saa7134 148308 0 - Live 0xffffffff88e70000
bttv 216692 0 - Live 0xffffffff88e3a000
video_buf 30084 2 saa7134,bttv, Live 0xffffffff88b75000
videodev 31360 2 saa7134,bttv, Live 0xffffffff88b36000
v4l2_common 21888 4 saa7134,bttv,compat_ioctl32,videodev, Live 0xffffffff88b2f0$

i can remove saa7130 but lspci show the same
i can load modprobe bttv but lspci keep showing the same and mythtv doesnt find the ati

I hope anyone can help me

another little thing, when i boot i need to change "quiet splash" for "all_generic_ide" or boot fails, how can i make a change to don t have to do it evry time

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