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Users / Onkyo PnP stops working.
« on: January 05, 2010, 04:52:34 pm »
I have an up-to-date beta2 core/hybrd with an Onkyo TX-SR805 that works with the Onkyo/Integra receiver pnp script. The way the system sets it up after I answer 'Yes' to using it as my receiver and what room it's in (Home Theater), and which input (AV1) it leaves the field "COM Port on PC" as -Please Select-. Without changing anything from how the system sets it up it works fine, that is until I make a change that has nothing to do with the receiver and reload the router. The latest example is I created a lighting scenario last night and reloaded the router, the system stopped sending commands to the receiver. I switched the "COM Port on PC" field to one of my options (pl2303 dongle):

/dev/ttyUSB0 (pci0000:00/0000:00:02.0+1:1.0)
/dev/ttyUSB1 (pci0000:00/0000:00:04.0+1:1.0)
/dev/ttyUSB2 (pci0000:00/0000:00:04.0+5:1.0

reloading the router after each change but none of them worked. I had to delete the A/V equipment, reboot the core/hybrid, wait for it to ask me if i wanted to use the receiver and go through the setup again (which is a pain since i use webdt 366 and don't have a mouse attached to the core and the core is in a closet). Then the receiver started working again. Until I did a quick reload router again this morning to see if it would break, and it did. I'm not making any changes in the admin site from when it was working fine, so not sure what's going on. Looking at the 'Errors in log' for this A/V Equipment I get the following:

01   01/04/10 19:17:10.503      Lost connection device: 70 <0xb77988d0>
01   01/04/10 19:17:26.118      Paritybit/Stopbit 8N1 NOT supported. <0xb5f94b90>
01   01/04/10 19:25:30.339      GSD Port is not specified. Instantiating non-IO Wrapper. <0xb6017b90>
01   01/04/10 19:30:07.711      Paritybit/Stopbit 8N1 NOT supported. <0xb5ff9b90>
01   01/04/10 19:30:48.481      Paritybit/Stopbit 8N1 NOT supported. <0xb6114b90>
01   01/05/10 7:18:03.055      GSD Port is not specified. Instantiating non-IO Wrapper. <0xb603db90>
01   01/05/10 7:38:16.991      Error while calling method: Cannot call class method: cmd_193
01   01/05/10 7:38:16.991      For obscure reasons could not handle the message <0xb583cb90>

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Users / mce v2 receiver and lirc embedded transmit
« on: August 25, 2009, 09:51:39 pm »
I'm running 810 alpha 2.26. I added a version 2 mce receiver and it was pretty much plug and play. I went into the A/V Equipment section on the admin site and added my TV (zenith L20V36) I created the device template for it and configured all the pronto codes for basic functions like power toggle, mute, vol up and vol down. All the IR codes work from the admin site or from Advanced -> Infrared Codes on my webpad orbiter. I have the A/V pipes setup correctly on the MD. When I try to use the remote in a normal fashion, watch a video or TV, none of the commands (like volume) are passed to the TV. I've searched the forums and there are others with this issue, but I haven't been able to find posts with solutions. Thanks

Installation issues / HDHomerun MythTV and MD help
« on: August 22, 2009, 05:21:31 am »
I've got a problem that I've been trying to solve for the better part of a week now, I'm at the point where I need some help. I've looked through the forums and the wiki and can't seem to find the answer.

I have a core/hybrid running alpha 2.26. I have a HDHomerun on the network which MythTV is configured for and TV watching works fine (on the core/hybrid). Last week I tried to add a P4 3.2Ghz 2GB RAM with a nvidia 6600GT as a diskless MD in the bedroom. Just plugged it into the network, everything was discovered, nvidia 180.11 was installed, I can watch video from the NAS on it, everything seemed to work well with just the default stuff from the network and A/V wizard.

Then i tried to watch liveTV in mythTV. I get as far seeing the gui (what channel it currently is, and not always this far) then everything goes black. I've waited up to half an hour for something to happen and nothing, it seems the MD freezes.

I've tried setting the backendserver in mythtvfrontend to the ip address of the core. I've tailed the Mythbackend.log file, and nothing seems out of the ordinary compared to when i watch liveTV on the core/hybrid. I've done ls -lat | head -20 in var/log/pluto and the Spawn_Mythtvfrontend_XXX.log never seems to be at the top of the recently written logs (if i look at just the logs with those names it's hard to tell which is which). I've set the MD hardware acceleration on the admin site to xv, reload router, reboot everything - same thing. I've it to opengl, reload router, reboot everything - same thing.

I really don't know what logs I should be looking at anymore or how to get this working.If boot the machine with 810 kubuntu live cd, install and run mythtvfrontend it works fine, choppy video, but I do see video. Could it be something with nvidia drivers? is there a known bug? The core/hybrid has an 8300GS and the same nvidia driver, why does it work there....

(I've tried all the above steps with an AMD san diego 3700+ (nforce 3 chipset) 2GB RAM and nvidia 7800GS as the MD and I get the same result. )

Users / Media browser and title attribute problem
« on: August 14, 2009, 06:07:59 pm »
Ok i'm still struggling with episodes running rampant in the media browser. I don't want to use filename/folder structure Here's my current situation (small example)

I have two directories American Dad Season 1, Family Guy Season 1. They have cover art and attributes. The main one is title. I use the 'Apply these tags recursively' feature I check 'Enable TV Episode Tagging Mode' to make this easier i've named all my files 0101 - American Dad.avi for example so I can use the default settings.

Now all season 1 American Dad and Family Guy avi have the same (respescitvely) title, cover art, and corresponding episode number. Then in the directory that contains them I 'Edit attributes for all files in directory' and set the genre attribute to 'TV Show' (If I set genre attribute for the directory it shows up in the filter results of the media browser later, and when clicked it's empty)

Ok so here's the problem when I got to 'Video' on the orbiter everything is there, I thought if videos had the same title they would be collapsed into one entry (expanding to episodes once clicked). Is this something that's coming in the future? I've read mention of it in several posts, but not sure on status and this is how ideally I would want it to work. Is it already implemented (I run alpha 2.26) and I'm doing something wrong?

Ok, so they're all listed, let's use some filters. I set the filter to 'genre' then i pick 'TV Show' now my media shows up like this:
0101 American Dad.avi
0101 Family Guy.avi
0102 American Dad.avi
0102 Family Guy.avi

And of course all the American Dad cover art is on the left, all the Family Guy on the right. It may not be a big deal with just 2 series, but I have a lot more than that. I thought I was tagging my media correctly, and taking advantage of the recursive feature for TV episodes, but the results are all wrong. I could live with genre 'TV Show' if it were at least displayed correctly, not interwoven.

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