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Users / Kubuntu 8.10 boot problems on Acer Revo
« on: August 16, 2009, 01:22:51 pm »
Hi there

Purpose: Have a small quite working LinuxMCE MD

Have got a Acer Aspire Revo 3600, windows version, 1Gb/160Gb. Under windows things work
ok, HDMI video/audio works perfectly. Noice levels (also under HD playback) are praktically zero !!

In order to get my (7.04 Fiire-based) LinuxMCE  gear at home up and running with the Revo
I decided to go for the 8.10 version. LinuxMCE beta is due any moment now.
Kubuntu 9.04 apperantly boots OK  (See Howto install ubuntu and boxee on Acer Revo)
but I need 8.10 in order to install lateron LinuxMCE 8.10 (correct ???)

Prerequisite is booting/installing Kubuntu 8.10.

From this forum I learned (see Re: Kernel panic) that
I could boot from USB -> I  succeeded in that no problem  :)

Once the boot sequence starts, it stops without giving any messages
Again from this forum (Re: Kernel panic) I learned that this
there might be Wifi problems and/or ACPI problems, I was not able to resolve this
since the bios does not anable Wifi turn off and ACPI boot parameters did not help  :(
I need advice how to retrieve messages, since I do not see much (ALt-F1 does not work once halted)

Others seem to have solved the booting problem since they talk about which LinuxMCE version
they should use and what drivers they shold disable when using a PXE based MD boot sequence
from within a LINUXMCE Core.
Could they post instructions how they managed to get Kubuntu 8.10 installed, thx in advance

Regards Paul

PS There is a direct link with the kernel Panic thread
I do get the message [   31.948131] Kernel panic - not syncing. Attempting to kill init 

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